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Talking about NY Daily News – Charles Grodin: Felony Murder rule stands, but where is our anti-lynching law?

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Not to be obtuse, but this seems to be like saying that, say an Iraqi killed, in child prostitution, which some of the Democrats say President Bush has created (masses of people leave their homelands for neighboring countries which is mostly the results of wars) in other countries, forced into, to survive, would have the President brought up under the “Felony Murder rule”. NY Congressman Sickles, a candidate for President and general in the American Civil War, shot and killed Francis Scott Key’s son a Washington, D.C. District Attorney outside the White House, yet his wife was not tried, nor written about in subsequent books. Could or should his wife have been charged under the “Felony Murder rule”? He certainly wasn’t, everyone apparently thought that was OK “back then” to shoot Philip Barton Key, over an alleged affair. If they don’t repeal it they should at least use it in all cases one might argue, and his “wife” today (also called “Swamp Angel”) given the three drug cocktail? DWI…

…DWI victims should be represented and drivers, or the leasers, and bankers who give the car loans, tried for murder under the “Felony Murder rule”. Watch out for those NYC meter-maids too, it’s now a felony to attack one. You might be tried even as a passenger. NY Daily News – Discussions#488402

Comment on: “Felony Murder rule stands, but where is our anti-lynching law?” (Also see: The Political Bandwagon: America’s Foremost Political Memorabilia Collecting Newspaper: “The Washington Tragedy – – Murder and Scandal in D.C.”)


Written by georgejmyersjr

08/28/2008 at 8:07 pm

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