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NewScientistSpace – Computer meltdowns in space: a short history

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By George Myers  Sat Aug 30 16:17:31 BST 2008

I recall getting a Rollei factory disk for close-range photogrammetry update in Cold Spring, NY from the Canadian Prometric Technologies, working on the remediation design of the Marathon Battery Superfund Site (nickel-cadmium contaminant from batteries for NIKE missiles, next to the West Point Foundry) and it had a "Blackjack" virus variant on it I was informed, perhaps from a disgruntled employee, that company now employee owned in partnership with Samsung I last heard. Does UNIX have any games to pass away the time? Then it might also have "gremlins".

The example I heard was in computer code between a "," and a "." which caused a rocket to have to be aborted, in FORTRAN I think, which is what I thought NASA was using. More close-range photogrammetry please.  Computer meltdowns in space: a short history


Written by georgejmyersjr

08/30/2008 at 3:31 pm

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