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Sarah Palin: When Choosing A Woman Might Not Be Choosing For Women

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Reminds me a little of “X-15”. Actor then using his Polish name, Bronson, walks up to tell Mary Tyler Moore her husband has crashed and died in an X-15, the fastest ride in the world. Except now Sarah Palin knows she must go back into the past to save George Bush from his Air Guard crash and release to be groomed at Harvard University with the power of John “Experience” McCain. Hasta revista, baby. A small circle of Republicans has gotten just a little larger. JojiMyers at 11:18 PM on 08/29/08

ekthesy at 12:58 AM Reply by Email

I’m surprised. I read all 500 comments and not one about her educational
resume. She attended Hawaii Pacific University, for two years; then the
University of Idaho for three years, finally graduating in five years with a
B.S. in journalism.

In between taking classes, she was participating in beauty pageants.

Aside from her obvious disinterest in educational issues, what does this say
about the intellectual quality of our leaders? John McCain was 894th in a class
of 899. Barack Obama was the president of the Harvard Law Review, and a
professor at the University of Chicago. Joe Biden is an associate professor at
Widener in Delaware, has two undergrad majors and a J.D.

It would be one thing if Sarah Palin lacked national experience. But she is
dangerously inexperienced, at a level that is almost impossible for me to
comprehend. It almost borders on the surreal.

I hate to paraphrase Hillary Clinton (someone this Obama supporter has made
peace with), but imagine this 3 AM phone call:

“President Palin, the President is dead. Please come to the Oval Office.”

Is she ready?

Jezebel: Celebrity, Sex, Fashion Without Airbrushing.


Written by georgejmyersjr

08/30/2008 at 2:16 pm

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