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Newsvine – New Orleans ordered evacuated ahead of Gustav

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Newsvine – New Orleans ordered evacuated ahead of Gustav

Give it back to the Spanish who settled it first? I am a member of the Society for Industrial Archeology and in one issue, before “Katrina” (I was in N.O. in one that fizzled in August 1979, the wettest year then on record in Mississippi where I worked on the Tenn-Tombigbee Barge Canal archaeology impacts, connects water from Tennessee River to Mobile, Alabama) they showed the pumps, now over 100 years old there to deal with calamities of flooding. As you might imagine, they were good at the time they were made still run but considering the growth of water in the Old Man and expansion of the city, we may need a whole redesign of that system still relied on over 100 years later. As far as the reference to the Democrat’s candidate for President, a position elected by the Electoral College, if you want to pass the US citizen test, you must respond, I have not heard him say that. Originally the P could be from one party the VP from another party the Constitution said.


Written by georgejmyersjr

08/31/2008 at 5:14 pm

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