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Podcast: Our Dutch Heritage – City Room – Metro – New York Times Blog

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Podcast: Our Dutch Heritage – City Room – Metro – New York Times Blog

In “theory” one might add. The Quakers were reviled by the former Governor of Curacao, Peter Stuyvesant, and one arrested for being at a “service” in a barn to get out of the weather, which his significant other led (a woman) in todays Queens. He was imprisoned and sent away to a prison and many Quakers used to prostrate themselves rather than “doff their hat” to persons of authority as was the custom. John Scott led a demonstration to New Amsterdam of a couple of hundred Long Islanders in petition for religious freedom, a petition unread and torn up. He was later arrested in Setauket, NY and imprisoned in Connecticut where his seemingly pregnant wife, supplied him with the rope to make good his escape. The law required a “place of worship” that apparently would be monitored. One English Rev. Doughty from the burnt-out English village of Maspeth sought the protection of the walled “city” and it is mentioned in the history that his popular sermons in English prompted the “Dutch” to seek their own religious services to be held in New Amsterdam, where they had not, in their own language, among the thirty “tongues” it’s said that could be heard there. Doughty Street in Brooklyn, nearby where the first ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn used to land, and the Hessian police under the British in the later Revolution headquartered, is where the modern Explorers Club used to meet in New York City.

OCTOBER 4: A number of years ago, the New York Historical Society gave back to Canada an astrolabe that a farmer had found in a field Upstate, as reported in a Canadian geographic magazine. It had been lost by one of Champlain’s expedition. I’ve read somewhere that Henry Hudson and Samuel Champlain, after their records were compared, were about 100 miles from each other on one day! There’s a bust of him on a column in Riverdale in the Bronx which “looks” over the river and bay to the south. I met some Explorers Club members looking for his last stand, put off in today’s Hudson Bay by the mutinous crew.


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09/26/2008 at 3:53 am

Take Action: Stop the Bush administration’s bad medicine

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I am writing to oppose the so-called “conscience” rule recently submitted by Secretary Leavitt. This regulation poses a serious threat to women’s health care by limiting the rights of patients to receive complete and accurate health information and services.

At a time when more and more families are uninsured and under economic assault, we find our health care system is in crisis and our president taking steps to deny access to basic care. Women’s ability to manage their own health care is at risk of being compromised by politics and ideology.

Back in the 1930s a birth control pill was available made from a natural bean, which however, only the very, very rich could afford, due to it’s difficulty in production. It was not “outlawed” then because only a few could afford it, and besides we let the rich in America do whatever they want, and the last thing a politician would want would be to lose their donations and to be “run up the flagpole” in the US press.

To switch the language around to make one’s point is one thing, to do it and risk the health of women is criminal. To insist that Americanisms be in the equivalent French in 400 year old Quebec, the US’s neighbor almost another country by referendum, is not the or an example to copy by American jurisprudence, even if “French kissing” leads to other consequences. Take Action: Stop the Bush administration’s bad medicine (the 30 day of public comments ends September 25)

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Near New York Harbor, the Song of Whales –

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Near New York Harbor, the Song of Whales

By Kenneth Chang
Published: September 17, 2008

“Not too far out from New York Harbor, whales sing.” Interesting report, one would hope there might be some way to protect the six or more species found in “song” out there. Years ago I stood next to two whales probably Minke next to the shore on the Grand Manan Channel according to the researcher I spoke with from Guelph University researching the marine mammal life on Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick, Canada where my mother’s family in part is from. The two whales were down at “The Whistle” beach, a now automated lighthouse my cousin, Willard Parker, and his family once “manned” across the channel from Campobello Island where the American Roosevelt family had its “cottage” that FDR once used to stay at (i.e., the “Sunrise at Campobello” film) which now has a bridge to for visiting. The researchers were using a small crossbow to shoot a dart attached to a string to retrieve a small piece of whale skin to do DNA analysis while recording the different characteristics of the individuals in the small “right whale” pod that has a nursery there, migrating along the shore from Florida to Canada, along the Eastern Seaboard.

The North Wind Institute on City Island in the Bronx, NY has an example of simulated whale skin one can touch. They also invented a harness to tow beached whales off the beach. They are sometimes well-meaningfully, though mistakenly, towed by a power boat by the tail, where often they just sink and drown. The harness attached, allows the power boat to tow the whale head first so that it can keep its “blow hole” above the waterline and continue to breath.

Near New York Harbor, the Song of Whales –

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Glorious Failure: The Most Spectacular Failed Scientific Experiments

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Russia’s robot retrieved a Moon sample and they photographed the dark side of the Moon way back in the early 60s. Recent reconstruction of photos from their lander on Venus were pretty spectacular just before Titan landing put on the web by an independent computer graphics researcher. One of the accidents that turned out well was the Apollo 1 pure oxygen fire that claimed three lives.

The Michelson-Morley experiment is being duplicated today built by the Chicago Steel and Bridge Co. on a much larger scale with lasers to see if they can catch a gravity wave in right angle vacuum steel tubes bouncing light back and forth over much larger distances. They once built bridges and architecture supports across the Hudson River from West Point Military Academy until a fire in 1913 closed the “Bridge Shop”. Later contaminated by nickel and cadmium from batteries for Cold War NIKE missiles, in the second cleaning, then by the EPA, our archaeology work uncovered the “Swamp Angel” platform used to fire rifled incendiary shells (with brass “sabots”) at the city of Charleston, South Carolina in 1863, during the American Civil War. It was said President Lincoln witnessed the firing of 200 and/or 300 pound shells in the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, NY. It is where Jules Verne apparently got the name for his Moon launcher in Florida! Glorious Failure: The Most Spectacular Failed Scientific Experiments

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Io9 Master Control Program: Threaded Comments Have Come to io9 From the Future

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Yeah for threads, Ariadne! Robbie inspired some deep sea diving suit I once saw on the cover of “Stony Brook Engineer” I think the same issue with the an experimental hydrofoil sailboat, like the 17′ the Russians once gave President Richard Nixon, but with sails aloft. Tough to steer? Threads easier to steer. Then again maybe circa 1930s “Iron Mike” in the North Wind Institute on City Island in the Bronx, NY inspired “Robbie” or those that came before him. Io9 Master Control Program: Threaded Comments Have Come to io9 From the Future

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Re: State of Illinois Closing State Parks & Historic Sites (histarch)

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Part of a pattern?

National Trust for Historic Preservation (U.S.)

New Jersey Parks Threatened by Budget Cuts

Your Help is Needed to Save New Jersey’s Parks and State Historic Sites!

2008 List of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places Announced

California’s State Parks

There may be some new ones perhaps when the banking crisis ends. E.F. Hutton owned Hubbard Park in Flanders, NY. Many relatives of famous people signed the guest register (or so it seemed) at the Black Duck Lodge there on Peconic Bay where daily weather records had been kept.

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Sunday is International Day of Peace

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Found at Irene Kai’s online siteimage.

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