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Brent Spiner: Has Brent Spiner Gone Andy Kaufman?

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I enjoyed it because Mark Hamil is in it who is an accomplished voice actor, besides “Skywalker”. I once listened to a mini-marathon of a Canadian forensic series on cable, and the following day Flight 800 crashed nearby off the south shore of Long Island, NY. To this day I think, but do not know, that it was narrated by Mr. Hamil in his straight speaking voice. Anyone know?

“Dreamland” is fun, between “Traumaville” (dream town story “Eyes Wide Shut” is based on) and Bob Newhart’s “Newhart”.

A few years before I had lunch with the director of all of Mexico’s historical monuments. We had both attended a software upgrade to the Rolleimetric close-range photogrammetry camera system (then 35mm and medium format cameras), and one of its uses is in vehicle accident recording in England. It was taught by a Canadian from Prometric Technologies at Schneider Optics on Long Island. The Mexican government was recording the stones in the Metropolitan Cathedral, in the news recently when they found a 1791 time capsule in the bell tower. No bats there! Brent Spiner: Has Brent Spiner Gone Andy Kaufman?

Written by georgejmyersjr

09/03/2008 at 12:38 am

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