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Holland Torpedo Co.

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Mr. Holland aboard the “Holland Torpedo Co.” submarine

One of the Holland Torpedo Company’s submarines, pre-1904, probably in the vicinity of New Suffolk, NY on the north fork of Long Island, where the company was. Mr. Holland was a math teacher in New Jersey and I’ve seen a smaller prototype in a museum in NJ. Seems the government didn’t like his communiques with the Irish “Home Rule” movement and the company was bought and moved off the North Fork of Long Island to New London, Connecticut. Later Albert Einstein posted a letter there, warning then President Franklin Roosevelt of successful fission experiments in Europe before WWII.

Unfortunately, the General store/post office burned down fairly recently. Since, a monument as to its origin of the US Navy submariners “Silent Service” has been placed nearby seen the last time I was there. An impromptu volleyball court was where the store had once been I think. Nearby is the almost ecologically pristine Robins Island, where the USDA once cited the largest example of Atlantic poison oak (Toxicodendron pubescens) known, which was 40′ high. Ten or so years ago it was in the news, bought and parts of it developed by a millionaire. A number of prehistoric sites were noted there, reported at a meeting at Garvies Point Museum in Oyster Bay, which also had a dugout canoe once used in “experimental archaeology” crossing the Long Island Sound back in the 1970s. There are some clay deposits on that museum grounds, like elsewhere historically used on eastern Long Island (Brown Brothers Pottery, primarily salt-glaze stoneware, replacing an earlier 18th century use in Huntington, perhaps after the finer clay was exhausted, the Greenport pottery (primarily redwares) and native American sites, a small quantity of clay from it I fired in my home oven as an experiment. It had pretty good “fabric” for low temperature.


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09/04/2008 at 1:57 pm

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