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Is Sarah Palin a Creationist?

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As an historical archaeologist in America, I have encountered regional, local, and national diversity which is why “creationism” or any “ism” should not be taught in my opinion. A “Campus Crusade” for anything is disruptive and divisive I think and detracts from the pursuit and the aims of education, learning and the review of ideas and experiments. “Social experiments” of a religious nature should be relegated to their appropriate facilities and institutions. The choice to practice a religious ritual is often personal and is what the framers of the US Constitution wanted protected, and so should we, by keeping it a private choice.

Is Sarah Palin a Creationist? | Scientific Blogging

Submitted by George Myers (not verified) on 4 September 2008 – 8:57pm.


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09/05/2008 at 2:15 am

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