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The "Hanoian" Candidate

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The “Hanoian” candidate?

by georgejmyersjr

09/05/2008, 10:54 PM

“The Manchurian Candidate” which I just played on, was produced and starred in by Frank Sinatra, the only “chairman of the board” of a record company to also have a top 10 hit, at Reprise. He delayed its opening I read or heard, because President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated, and out of respect, not shown until later. Similarly an Arnold Schwarzenegger action/adventure film, “Collateral Damage” was postponed because of the attacks on 9/11/2001 it’s been reported, now the Republican Governor of California, though married to the daughter of the founder of the US Peace Corps, Sargent Shriver.

I was given to understand that Senator John McCain’s father was no ordinary Admiral, but in command at the time of the entire US Pacific naval fleet. His capture was, a) quite an embarrassment, b) quite a negotiation token in the then ongoing “tables” that the US and the North Vietnamese government continued to try to meet at in Paris, France. Perhaps like the former West Point Commandant and Fort Hamilton officer, also instrumental in the capture and trial of John Brown and his men at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, Robert E. Lee, his son captured on the battlefield of the American Civil War, and kept in the fort that has since been demolished for the eastern tower of the current Verrazano Bridge built in the early 1960s to link Staten Island with Brooklyn, was a part of an ongoing negotiation. The later Commanding General of the Confederate Army might have thought of his son, communications to that effect, to my knowledge, speculative.

Senator John McCain was “Up Country” as they called it, across the DMZ, where apparently from the demonstration on Madison Avenue many years ago, the errant bombs from the B-52s fell on their hospital according to the doctor and nurse who appeared on that US avenue in protest, I once observed. How much John McCain recalls, without then a frame of reference perhaps, to other soldiers, one a copilot I met who crashed in the DMZ, is a question that maybe has too much to do with how he might govern as the Commander in Chief. Sitting Bull was once promised a meeting with the CIC, who never showed up, and look what happened at the Little Bighorn.

Slate -> The Fray -> Explainer


Written by georgejmyersjr

09/06/2008 at 3:14 am

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