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New York Times On "W.": The Film Is Surprisingly Plausible

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I worry about a John McCain film. I posted a comment at Slate about the Frank Sinatra produced and delayed film due to JFK’s assassination, “The Manchurian Candidate” as a reference “The Hanoian Candidate” (stated supported by the current regime there) and a followup to the story was removed. In it there was some speculation on the culpability of the former naval airman, the current candidate and Senator McCain in one of the disasters shipboard that led to a loss of life, perhaps due to a prank. I also read he had crashed five times, which leads me to some speculation that perhaps the then Air Guard F-102 pilot, George Bush crashed and what we’ve seen is the coverup, which I’m pretty sure would not be in an Oliver Stone film.

The strangest finding when he was running was a drug charge of an individual in Texas with the same name George W. Bush, but six months difference in age found in the investigative journalists’ research that was a “practicing medicine without a license charge” that could not be further defined and excluded or included in the “vetting” of a President.

I wonder if Oliver Stone included the time the President was called for jury duty and the AJ Gonzalez accompanied him, and advised the President during the juror selection process in a “stripper trial”?

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10/13/2008 at 1:24 pm

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