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Triviagasm: Declassified Government Documents Reveal the Truth About UFOs

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Back in those years in Iran, the Grumman Corporation had a compound of over 3,000 Americans, training the Shah’s pilots, crews and other support personnel to fly and service the 80 F-14 Tomcats it had purchased. I thought I read in Newsday on Long Island, where the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) was also built by them that it was once to be 100, today last count 77 still are there, it was reported. The compound was just outside of Tehran according to the F-14 test pilot’s wife, an archaeologist/anthropologist who was visiting there before 1979. The Grumman Corporation (now Northrup-Grumman) have for years been rumoured to have radar “knock-down” capabilities perhaps used on the Grumman “Intruder” a mainstay of many flight operations. By the way I used to watch the Phantom F-4’s escort the A-10s to range practice from Syracuse, NY at Fort Drum, NY where the “Warthogs” shot at a delivery truck on-range, before leaving and the Army 10th Mountain Division moved there from Camp Hale, Colorado in the 1980s. I was part of the original “archaeology testing” where once were “bog iron” railroad wheels and axles made in the 19th century. One pilot, Captain Button took an A-10 and crashed it into the New York Mountains in Colorado later, no one is quite sure why, before the war in the Gulf of “Arabia”. Triviagasm: Declassified Government Documents Reveal the Truth About UFOs

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