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McCain will Cost Media and Ad Business Billions

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In the late 1980s there was a public service program on PBS “Defense Monitor” by ex-officers in the US military that investigated and discussed various issues in the “military-industrial complex” that once president of Columbia University, Dwight Eisenhower, warned us about. In one of the last shows, it discussed the $1 billion a year spent in 25,000 secondary schools in mostly poor school districts on the JROTC program, the junior reserve officer training, that allows one branch of the service into a school to recruit students into the military.

I bring it up because, my high school, Newfield, is in a town named for the judge who was a “character witness” at Susan B. Anthony’s trial, a judicial “taboo” Henry R. Selden. She was arrested for voting in Upstate New York dressed as a man before women were allowed to vote. I did not know this however when the Marine Corps came to it during the Selective Service Draft, then a new lottery system sponsored by a New York legislator. Draft eligible myself, it was said to be the alternative to the draft that would create an “all volunteer” armed services, in what is already the world’s largest “day care” system. The JROTC system has expanded from 2 on the East Coast, Army and Marines, and two on the West Coast, Navy and Air Force.

We should see if this is working, which the “Defense Monitor” asked “Are they worth it?” Are there available places for women?  

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10/16/2008 at 1:52 pm

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