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BBC |UK| Scotland| Uncovering north’s Christian past

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A group of archaeologists are trying to establish if Norsemen brought Christianity to Caithness before St Columba arrived on Iona.

It’s interesting to think that a large “cosmic event” may have caused the settlement of  western “Scotland” from Hibernia after a large comet, it’s thought, exploded over it destroying all its crops and causing wide-scale panic, hunger and devastation. About that time the Irish Gaels migrated to western “Scotia” which was inhabited to the east by the Picts who had “relations" with the Vikings. A similar trade perhaps, later in the 12th century is reported by the British Museum as evidenced by the great number of ceramic vessels that have been found, presumably in the archaeology of eastern Scotland, made in what is today the areas in and around modern Germany.

Did down fly Fingle and they all had to leave? Much later, the English King would ask the “Scots” to settle in what is today Northern Ireland. We “Scots” should have stayed in Turkey! One linguist had a bit of Hittite in Scots Gaelic. Vikings sure got around, traveling the rivers of Russia, the Mediterranean and elsewhere in Europe, Iceland and parts of North America. One “German” with them is credited with calling the new continent “Vinland” after his beloved homeland’s vineyards.  A Suffolk County, New York historian I met wrote of what was believed to be two Irish “slaves” among their number who landed on Long Island near today’s Port Jefferson and it was recorded that they ran up and reconnoitered the hills of Long Island, from where they could see the Atlantic Ocean beyond the barrier beach islands now known as Fire Island, beyond the Great South Bay. Today those hills are the site of the local community college, a former sanatorium. Bald Hills they have generally been called. One former general, George Washington called them, in his diary, passing by after the final victory which secured the treaty for the new nation of the United States, a “mere trifling”.

Update to:  STORSJÖODJURET – OBSERVATIONSPLATS SVENSTAVIK Swedish videos of a possible "sea serpent" like creature thought to inhabit Urquhart’s Bay, a deep bay of Loch Ness in Scotland, written about first about Saint Columba, the missionary there. "St. Columba meets the Loch Ness monster … August 22, 565" Christian History Institute. Written about 100 years after the "facts".


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10/22/2008 at 2:00 am

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