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Re: Bloomberg 1 — Democracy 0

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I’m reminded it was primary election day September 11, 2001 perhaps voting saved some from infamy. Surprised by the resulting ballot, some “emergency” powers were called and items left off. The “destruction” of the Liberal Party, resulted, it had not the required 50,000 votes to continue. The candidates had a radio debate candidate Bloomberg was invited, he did not show up, the popular incumbent Public Advocate, Mr. Green and some third party candidates discussed issues on the mailed voting guide that never made it to the machines. WABC TV asked the candidates, among other questions, what they would do with the “windfall” the City was to soon get from the sale of the World Trade Center, just announced. Each of the given answers were evaluated as “possible” or rhetoric and marked with an X or a check by the reporters. Visiting from work in Bridgewater and Picatinney Arsenal, New Jersey and West Point Academy to vote and I thought these examples of democracy in action in the media wonderful. In contrast, the former mayor refused to open the city ledgers or “books” to audit for the New York State Comptroller, Mr. McCall, because the mayor said the comptroller was running for Governor! Pretty nervy, what part of the world allows that to happen? We’ll have to see now what might happen. It might certainly damage some prospective candidates, which ironically could not be shown in New Hampshire to be the case over Senator McCain’s birth residency requirements for presidential candidacy.
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Written by georgejmyersjr

10/25/2008 at 11:55 pm

Posted in 9-11, Law, news, politics, Twin Towers, WTC

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