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How I Know Things Are Different: Way #247

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Nice to hear from Mr. Reiser, not the character in “Aliens” who wants to keep the creature for the industrial-military complex, the newer world order reverses the warning by Eisenhower, once president of Columbia University. 

The first film “Alien” I saw way down in Alabama working in nearby Mississippi in 1979 on the clearance archaeology of the being built Tenn-Tombigbee Barge canal, it runs through Columbus, MS home of “Tennessee” Williams connecting with the Gulf off Mexico in Mobile, AL. Congress chose it over an “energy island” for NYC which needed more tech than was available at the time, like the Pyramids. If I was going to “film the wind” I would use the Waverly Mansion in West Point, MS. “One Nation Under Laws” a neighbor’s bumper sticker reads. The later sequel “Aliens” I saw working along another “canal” the St. Lawrence Seaway, in Cornwall, Ontario, which connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. 
I enjoyed it , my dad worked the night shift for UPS furniture delivery in NYC, and his breakfast was often in the afternoon after school. Here’s to all the night-shifters…Thanks!
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11/28/2008 at 3:50 pm

Obama Warned About Afghan Escalation: Out of Frying Pan, Into Fire?

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One thing that might be tried is an alternative cash crop to poppy. I recall that it was a success in Pakistan where the plant that produced the skin sun-blocker was grown on hillsides, until it was found in terms of human exposure that it could be hazardous. Certainly a hybridization, like that of maize or corn might return it to production.

The BBC had a story. A former heroin addict was working in Afghanistan convincing farmers there to raise pomegranates instead of a poppy. The Taleban (British spelling) were once organized against poppy I recall. In Morocco, hashish, is produced from cannabis plants, overseen by the monarchy. Cannabis, I found is native around the world, three types, and made into hashish, is sometimes used at the end of fasting for Ramadan in the Islamic regions. It is, however, a situation some, told by an anthropologist, are not too happy about, in the mountains of Morocco who oppose the monarchy there.

If we approach the problem again, but change the subsidized agricultural bases, the poppy growers and the Taleban might stop shooting at the British Army, as reported. Soybeans have transformed quite a lot of agriculture since the 1960s in different places around the world where it is grown. I wish the guy and the “pommies” well.

About Afghanistan Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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11/26/2008 at 1:39 pm

Amber Online – Current Exhibit – Weegee Portfolio

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Stanley Kubrick, who began his career as a photographer and is that his wife? He was from the Bronx, NY and started out as a news photog for “Look” magazine competitor to the Luce’s “Life”.

A frame from “Dr. Strangelove” where the US General played by George C. Scott learns that General Jack D. Ripper has launched an aerial preemptive nuclear attack on the USSR and is called to the “War Room”. “Weegee the Famous” a NYC newspaper photog, appears in a frame or two in the beginning of the trailer, (so does Kubrick) and was uncredited with the help of special effects (IMDb). Where did I leave that shopping bag full of commercials? I was following orders to be a Hollywooden filmmaker and retrieved them from the WKBW during Watergate. May your wife dissolve into a can of Comet!

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11/24/2008 at 5:31 am

Cyborgs and Cylons

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Biomechanical Ultimate Sabotage Humanoid

Get Your Cyborg Name

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11/23/2008 at 12:47 am

CREDO: Fax John Podesta: We can’t afford to let Larry Summers take over Treasury

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Dear Mr. Podesta,

As chief of President-elect Obama’s transition team, you will help make many decisions — great and small — that have a profound effect on our ability to make progressive change.

It’s widely reported that former Clinton official and Harvard President Larry Summers is on your shortlist for Treasury Secretary. This is a crucial appointment given the financial crisis and its devastating effect on so many Americans.

In 1999, Summers was one of the key proponents of the banking deregulation that led to the rise of ‘mega-banks’ and the current financial crisis. He had a direct hand in the famous “Enron” exception. He even sent a note to the now disgraced former CEO of Enron, Ken Lay, with a handwritten PS that read: “I’ll keep my eye on power deregulation and energy market infrastructure issues.” That led to a reported $17 million energy deficit here in NYC at Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, our noted induction center named for our nation’s Federalist, patriot and first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Robert E. Lee, a former West Point Commandant, lived there before the Civil War. Veterans are treated there at the hospital my godmother worked for many years.

Attached to this fax, find a copy of that letter from Summers to Lay.

In addition to this remarkable lapse in judgment, Larry Summers has argued that women are innately less gifted in science than men.

President-elect Obama needs to put an end to the excesses on Wall Street, ensure accountability for bailout funds, and get our economy moving in the right direction. Summers is not the man for this job.

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11/20/2008 at 11:33 pm

Trains Erupt with Flowers: Past and Future New York City

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I think it was a service to the Bank Street Market area on the westside in Greenwich Village, where there for many years had been outdoor and other markets for fresh and other produce. A similar proposal for the use of the South Bronx, at Oak Point, was a rail-link with produce, saving 10% in costs of transport, by off-loading trailer-trucks at Tappan Zee, put on freight in special containers, off-loaded onto trucks that would fit under every major bridge/overpass into and around Manhattan. I knew some archaeologists who worked on it, in part to find the original Bronks the Swedish settlers’ place in New Amsterdam. Said “going up to the Bronks” led to the place-name today and the Bronx River, which Admiral Cornwallis was ordered to sail up and beat the American rebels at White Plains, by King George.

Recent forensics show that Admiral Cornwallis (his brother, the general lost at the battle of Yorktown, Virginia, when General Washington and his troops and the French troops who arrived from Rhode Island marched out of New York state to there) may have been poisoning the king with the huge amount of powdered arsenic in his wig, according to modern forensic testing in Great Britain. The Bronks place was a hill mined for fill and leveled for modern rail. Trains Erupt with Flowers: Past and Future New York City

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11/19/2008 at 8:10 pm

When they put the tree up at Rockefeller Center they hadn’t realized…

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…it had Spiders From Mars!

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11/19/2008 at 7:06 pm

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