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Some in the banking industry, a friend once President of “Sound Federal” bank in New York, (taken over) predicted this large “readjustment” in the market perhaps as part of cyclic economics. It also will affect the suppliers of raw resources, like Russia, supplying the Japanese who are not producing as much. The huge Saudi oil reserves that will yet come on line (“60 Minutes” report this week by Ms. Stahl…bravo, i.e., horizontal drilling guided by satellite GPS, which some think was what the Kuwaiti’s were doing on the Iraqi border, resulting in the Iraqi invasion over it) will probably bring relief to parts of the crisis.

I wonder, having met the grandson of one of the authors of the Japanese constitution at the end of WWII, from Nissequogue, Long Island, NY (also Stanford White’s village, one of the architects of the White House “West Wing,” and other monuments and public architecture) if perhaps there might be a political scenario, i.e., they are not permitted amendments to the document I’ve read, nor for that matter, allowed much materiel to defend themselves under treaty written over 60 years ago. The samurai sword surrendered by the Emperor is in the Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy Museum, once stolen for veterans rights and returned, in New York on Long Island.

Listening to: “Praha 1994” – The Division Bell Czech Republic Tour at Brain Damage: the definitive Pink Floyd podcast.


Written by georgejmyersjr

12/09/2008 at 5:15 pm

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