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Cecil Suwal, Spitzer-Linked New York Madam, Gets Six Months

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“Why the Bush Administration “Watergated” Eliot Spitzer” (See “#25 Bush’s Real Problem with Eliot Spitzer)

(In: “Project Censored – The news that didn’t make the News”)

See also in this blog cited: “Sue the Fed” where then Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and then Governor Pataki sue the Federal government for the radioactive damage to New York State in West Valley, Cattaraugus County in 2006. I used to spend time on the Cattaraugus Creek, which flows west into Lake Erie, on a property that became “Deer Lick Nature Sanctuary” near Gowanda, NY which I was shown in school in Buffalo, NY. It is near the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation.

Former Governor George Pataki, once asked to read a speech at the Republican Convention, was handed what was to be read by “Newt” Gingrich and refused, he had thought to bring his own! He wasn’t allowed. Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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Newsvine – Where to go after Gitmo?

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Prisoners obtained under “extraordinary rendition” drugged, blindfolded, some “purchased” in poor lands, a black-ops discovered by “plane spotters” in the Republic of Ireland, who then wore “black shamrocks” in protest that Easter, in violation of international law in the use of their airport, to me is nothing to be proud of as justice served.

We have increased for example one single digit reader and interpreter of Arabic in the US FBI since “9/11” (in England would be 11/9 as they note their dates) to another single digit, which I’ve read is not really good “investigation”. To have back in 1994 one Islam minister in the whole Federal prison system, as I also read, to me, in the “wake” of Mohammad Ali and other notable Arab and Muslim Americans seems to be a denial that is more than surreal almost in defiance of the Constitution which guaranteed no one religion would be professed to be implemented by the US Federal government. The “divine right” of any leader was not permitted under the terms of it. It also guarantees a jury trial for all matters over $20.

I once worked for a large Texas-based power plant designer and builder located then on quite a few stories in the upper part of one of the “Twin Towers”. They organized, back in 1983 the implementation of design at Fort Drum, NY for the relocation of the US Army 10th Mountain division Senator Bob Dole was once in, based at Camp Hale, Colorado, a new cantonment and required housing and support services for over 7,000. I was part of the archaeology survey, required by the Federal 106 preservation law. I find the presumption of the lack of planning for what is going on since as naive, especially with the former “Skull and Bones” compound in the nearby Thousand Islands. They should be served a warrant for Geronimo’s remains under legislation the former President George H.W. Bush signed into law, the Native American Graves Repatriation Act, which I was given to understand, when the “sovereign nations” his son, now former President also, liked to call the natives on reservations in the US, wanted some of their sons back to be buried from our foreign wars on “their” land, maybe given the history, at least that part would survive another treaty. So a prisoner dies at Gitmo, will we provide his relatives a graveside ticket? Newsvine – Where to go after Gitmo?

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Hand held laser scanners – MelleniuM Scans the Past and Sees a Bright Future – ArchaeoSeek

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This is really interesting. Back in the early 1990s I had the opportunity to use a Rolleimetric close-range photogrammetric system in development, through a company in Canada and Grossman & Associates, who at the time was writing the yearly Western hemisphere archaeology summary for the Encyclopedia Britannica yearbook. It was before Windows 95 and it worked inside AutoCad and then stood alone. There were a couple of programs in development. This worked by a series of photos a parabola of an object ideally, with a camera that had been documented with its specific lens for and abnormalities in regard to the reseau marks (small star or cross marks on a glass plate) the film was held against at the time of five fixed-focus settings. The photos were registered on a digitizing tablet and after calculation would produce 3 dimension coordinates traced with a digitizing puck into a file that could be used for drawings, very accurate, if the “error ellipse” for each point calculated was within needed tolerances. For archaeology however, though it was used in the archaeology of an EPA National Priority Superfund cleanup, where you might want as little personal contact with the materials recorded, it has some drawbacks in that it requires correct lighting, color reproduction, etc. For accident investigation, fly over of remote or about to be covered wrecks it, an aircraft in Gander of US military transport, the reason investigated by Canada, could be used from a helicopter with photogrammetric precision, with specific questions to be answered, i.e., did that part of the nuclear reactor move since recorded five years ago and how much, it was very good. It was used for integrating animation and live action in “Starship Troopers” film at first but replaced by laser imaging when some of the photogrammetric recording of the prop cave allowed some of the animated bugs’ legs and feet to disappear into the rock. It was also compared to Lidar recording in a test at the Institute of Archaeology at Bryn Mawr, and though comparable results arguably, the Lidar system was much more efficient for recording the test subject an ornamental doorway one might want recorded for HABS/HAER for example. These handheld 3D imaging devices appear to be the best of all possible worlds, having also at Greenhouse Consultants, Inc. back in the mid-1980s, Joel Grossman had the beta of a pointer for early desktop computers, basically two “super” potentiometers like in joysticks that could record 3D of an object, and project for an example the diameter and projected form of a clay vessel from a sherd. Just recently, for cash, Trimble, the GPS providers, bought Rolleimetric of Germany. (here to MelleniuM or the scanners )

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Nov 07, 2004 – Local Group Trying to Bring Home Historic Presidential Yacht "Honey Fitz"

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“The Presidents'” docked in Port Jefferson, when it was based in Greenwich, CT across the Long Island Sound.

Local Group Trying to Bring Home Historic Presidential Yacht “Honey Fitz”

Defoe-Built 92-Foot Luxury Vessel Confiscated by FDR was JFK’s Pride

November 07, 2004 By Dave Rogers

“One of the world’s most storied yachts, built in Bay City, Michigan, was owned by six Presidents of the United States and today is still proudly afloat.”

MyBayCity Article – Nov 07, 2004 – Local Group Trying to Bring Home Historic Presidential Yacht “Honey Fitz”

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Vice Magazine – Ursula K. Le Guin

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A.L. Kroeber was known to have befriended Ishi, who was considered the last native Californian to not have met us, and found that like Pogo said, he is us. They have an archery club award and other info recorded from him. There has been a ? about it all and it was found that unbeknown as stated by Dr. Kroeber, Ishi’s head was removed and studied and then more recently demanded to be reburied with his remains. Which reminds me, the night I was invited over to see the “Last Californian native” show on TV by a woman pursuing her PH.D. in Anthropology and meet her husband the Grumman Corp. F-14 test pilot and celebrate his birthday, the media announced in an interruption that if the USSR made a move for its border with Iran, we would be forced to blow up all the F-14s we had been training the Shah’s air force to fly, about 80, once I read to be 100. The former test pilot told me that the air-to-air missiles were probably why, the rest of the jet was well known to the Russians. His wife had also been to Iran, where now Northrup-Grumman had had a compound of almost 4000 employees engaged in teaching the multiple tasks of putting a fighter-bomber in the air. Of course the American Embassy takeover was by students who would no longer be spied on there and in the US by Savak the secret police then of Iran. The rest they say is history. Thanks for interview and the space, commenting from the home of James Caan, in the “Lathe of Heaven” the Bronx, NY which came out again, right after another crisis, the events of September 11, 2001. Vice Magazine – URSULA K. LE GUIN

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Museum of the City of New York

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In September 2008, the Museum of the City of New York completed a two-story underground addition topped by a glass pavilion. New Underground Buildings

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