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The late Griffin Bell’s strange final act

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Quite a lemma wrapped in an “enigma” of a presidential personality. Carthago delenda est (literally, “Carthage must be destroyed”) or we must conduct foreign surveillence, actually saying Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam (“As to the rest, I hold that Carthage must be destroyed”) empowering the president with something he never had. How does it justify the purchase of 21 private jets and the purchase of prisoners in foreign lands for Gitmo? Or the illegal use of American allies airports, i.e., caught on the ground in Ireland by “plane-spotters” who wore “Black Shamrocks” in protest with others of the illegal use of their international laws of commerce, as was the case when it was found cluster-bombs were being shipped commercially to Israel? People of law like Griffin Bell are to be praised and sorely missed by making sure the truth is told like in this article. I might add it was the secret use of metallurgists and cannon-makers, foreign recruits, in the “federalized” private West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, NY, which also saw the first labor action in a “federal” work place, that mass-produced the rifled R.P. Parrott patented cannons that arguably gave a distinct advantage to the Union against the Confederacy, at twice the range of smooth bore weapons. Are we in surveillance also of foreign industry for private profit? Seems like a way to start a war or at least a hidden breakdown of cooperation. Who decides? The President? What is he or she, a committee of one?

The late Griffin Bell’s strange final act

Written by georgejmyersjr

01/08/2009 at 1:09 am

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