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io9 – Tesla’s Mystery Tower On The Brink Of Being Demolished – Nikola Tesla

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For many years I recall it was “Peerless Photos” why it became contaminated. Nearby they built the “safest nuclear power plant in the world” at Shoreham, NY though a number of events conspired to stop that, i.e., the California built backup generator’s crankshaft cracked on a test run, Westinghouse renegotiated the price of ore per ton, through the proverbial roof, and other costs. I was associated with the Suffolk County Archaeology Association, one person said they just bulldozed the nuke site without a proper archaeology survey, picking up pieces afterward. One of the members was asked about the Tesla tunnels, her husband had perished in a lab accident at the nearby Brookhaven National Laboratory, then run by DOE the Dept of Energy, now by a consortium led by nearby Stony Brook University. She said they were brick lined but not large enough for a person to get through and had had cables in them or proposed. I at the time had no idea what was there, still in the NIKE missile mentality of nearby Rocky Point, and rumored WWII sub-hunter shore sites, so you often stayed off those topics. It seems a shame that the science museum proposed for one of our world’s famous scientist would not get built. He also had a lab in NYC down off Houston street. Some of his ideas are actively pursued and shown on YouTube for example and were very ingenious, i.e, water viscosity turbine, demonstrated out of cdroms, using a low flow of water, produce very high r.p.m.

Stanford White lived not too far away in the Nissequogue, Head-of-the-Harbor, Smithtown, NY area (as did one author of the Japanese and Philippine constitutions at the end of WWII) and designed many structures, including the West Wing of the White House with McKim, Mead and White to the local “shingle style” church in Stony Brook, NY. Their farm/estate had a well-seen landmark, a very tall windmill with large vanes, that could be seen from many places along the Long Island Sound, perhaps the tallest in the world at the time, 125′ ? It pumped water up to a reservoir near the “squash courts” and was also “shingle-style” with stanchions cast in Baltimore, MD. It burned down in the early 1960s made mostly of wood, as diagrammed in “Scientific American”. Guy I worked for replaced the many small joined window panes in the sculpture studio with a patio door in the roof, got too hot in there sometimes, simply open up 1/2 of it.

io9 – Tesla’s Mystery Tower On The Brink Of Being Demolished – Nikola Tesla

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05/09/2009 at 1:46 pm

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