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Seriously, What Are the Odds? – Dick Cavett Blog –

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An East End synchronicity story came from now deceased Robert David Lion Gardiner of Gardiners Island. During the American Civil War, former President John Tyler was in charge of Richmond, Virginia, under siege by the Union. His young wife Julia Gardiner whom he met when the NYC “Hogg and Delamater” cast “Peacemaker” cannon exploded, on the S.S. Princeton, on the Potomac River below Mount Vernon, killing her father US Senator Gardiner and others. The former First Lady had a dream of Tyler’s death on their plantation in Tidewater Virginia. She got on horseback and rode all night to see if he was alright. She met him and he died that day on the steps of the hotel where he was in charge of that city. The siege hostilities ceased long enough for the grieving former First Lady and her entourage to pass through the Union lines as she traveled back to NYC, where later she was involved in a well-publicized precedent setting “changed will” case involving expensive Manhattan real estate.

Seriously, What Are the Odds? – Dick Cavett Blog –

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Written by georgejmyersjr

05/10/2009 at 10:41 pm

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