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Kansas City – Plog – Reporter’s Notebook: Skillicorn and the Mexico murder

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George Myers says: I grew up with kids, their Dad a plumber, from Missouri on Long Island, NY. Sadly, he and later his youngest perished on the road nearby. I think this is a case of mistaken justice if allowed on May 20. The case made, outright acts of murder, as I read it, are “not proven” for him, and clearly can be attributed to the other by his own admission.

With more than just a “reasonable doubt” in retrospect, as we often see in television legal dramas, we see a prosecution that though well thought out, left some facts in that should have been checked further outside, that is so-called “facts” from outside the country that should have been left out, i.e., the imaginary murder in Mexico, which probably “prejudiced” the prosecution’s case and casts doubt on the probative value of the confessions, and casts doubt on other testimony, if used in judgment. And perhaps should have been stricken from the record.

Posted On: Thursday, May. 14 2009 @ 12:15PM

Kansas City – Plog – Reporter’s Notebook: Skillicorn and the Mexico murder

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05/14/2009 at 7:00 pm

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