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Newsvine – Morley Safer suspicious of blogosphere

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Congratulations! Silly, he’s probably not going to read this, but then again reporters say the darnedest things sometimes. I had a cousin, an Army Captain in the Korean War, where there is still no treaty, who after went to work in the Signal Corps in NYC making training films. Then took a job in the film editing department of NBC news, when literally, “Film at 11!” was the story after processing and cutting, splicing, etc. One day the director of “Huntley and Brinkley” was out sick and he filled in. They liked him! He became a director and later a producer at NBC News as TV news programs went from 15 minutes to somewhat longer presentations, with commercials, until today we have whole networks for news. His contract at some point was not renewed, and last heard produced the 1976 Bicentennial coverages of both parties’ conventions, i.e., the Democrats and the Republicans, for CBS, covering the “duopoly” as Ralph Nader called it.

At his eulogy in the UN Chapel, I’m told, Edwin Newman, an outstanding television journalist and author (of “Strictly Speaking” how the English language might be “devolving” and host of SNL) wrote me once that he was a good friend of the award winning television producer, after I mentioned George Murray on the Internet. He read a letter George Murray had to send to his crew inside Vietnam, they at great risk, were gathering the “common” soldiers point of view of the “conflict” then more an undeclared full-out war. In it, I’m told, he apologizes to canceling the months long investigative efforts, canceled by “higher-ups”. Mr. Murray had a seizure and died while in Mexico City, where his wife, an Avon cosmetics executive, was organizing that product introduction into that market.

What I’m trying to say, well is, congratulations Mr. Safer, you’ve always brought integrity and interest to whatever news you’ve covered and kept the idea of investigative journalism alive, in my opinion.


Written by georgejmyersjr

05/21/2009 at 6:26 pm

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