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Unemployed In New York: Tell Huffington Post And Gotham Gazette Your Stories

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It’s not just that the “ceiling” is much less than Connecticut and New Jersey’s unemployment benefits, it’s how employers add up. Last year, I filed after the end of the job, working for a NJ firm in Vermont in archaeology survey shovel testing, snowing there, a month before the end of the calender year. The payment was averaged from previous three (3) quarters, leaving out the last quarter which would have been part of the adjustment if I had waited until the end of the year. The last quarter had the most labor intensive part of the work. I also had worked under the limit for another employer must contribute to, or so it’s thought, traveling to Montoursville, Pennsylvania for another job with another, a proposed large box stores on a flood-plain where native Americans had once lived, until it snowed there. It too was not part of the determination, though still within the same year.

A federal unemployment system after all, it should account for a varied employment picture, emerging no matter what the limits are. If you work it should be part of a consideration the rate similar to the adjoining state where the living wage and cost of living is similar. Determined at the holidays, I did not contest it, which you can, “appeal”. Maybe it’s different when one works short-term in VA, NY, VT and PA for companies based in GA, NY, and NJ.
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Written by georgejmyersjr

06/26/2009 at 4:01 am

Posted in archaeology, Law

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