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Our Drinking Water Under Siege

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For an upfront look at the geology and the discovery of a meteor impact resulting from the discovery and proposal to drill for gas right at the source of much of New York City’s water, from the Portal, where only electrical equipment, no oil or gasoline contaminates was used to dig miles of tunnels into the Catskills’ mountain lakes from the Portal on the Esopus River feed to the reservoir see: Panther Mountain in the New York Catskills recently discovered to have been a remnant meteor impact. (Wikipedia) “Panther Mountain – Meteor Impact Crater” as seen in profile here []. Gas prospecting helped find it, an interesting science detective story, if not frightening given the possibility of “hydrofracking” there for gas, when so much care was taken to build the Portal.

I hope the bill passes, we have much to protect. If it fails we have to look to Connecticut and Massachusetts for their western lakes according to the Army Corps of Engineers.

I worked a summer, a dishwasher at Timber Lake Camp nearby and a recent wildlife area was set aside the “Westkill Mountain Wilderness Area”. What the frak!

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Written by georgejmyersjr

08/05/2009 at 5:26 pm

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