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The Launch Pad: In Case You Missed It Monday

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Interesting. I worked on an EPA Marathon Battery Superfund National Priority Site in Cold Spring, NY which removed nicad contaminated soils and marsh behind an earthen dam built in the former West Point Foundry environs, said from the NIKE ABM system. We found under the “Bridge Shop” of the Chicago Steel and Bridge Co. remains (ca. 1913, over 500 ft. long, today they’ve built a gravity wave detector like Michelson-Morley’s with lasers, much, much, longer) the remains of the “Swamp Angel” wooden gun platform and iron pintle on wooden grillage. The gun exploded in 1863 during the secret, hidden in a marsh, night-time incendiary bombardment of Charleston, South Carolina. The citizens of Trenton, NJ later bought the broken gun, and S.C. thinks it might know where it was in their swamp. Jules Verne had his buried cannon made by them in “From the Earth to the Moon” and gun-cotton fired from Florida, written in 1865. Iraq was building a “super-gun” after a Vermont inventor, apparently assassinated on a street in Holland in the early 90’s. The 19th c. foundry later had one too, used dynamite from bolted together tubular sections. Something like it might make escape velocity.

The Launch Pad: In Case You Missed It Monday

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08/05/2009 at 8:46 pm

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