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Scotland’s global impact conference

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Scotland’s global impact conference

Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
22 – 24 October 2009

The earliest property maps from Scotland to survive are of seaweed harvest areas along its coast. It is called “dulse” today and is harvested in Maine, USA and Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada. Some, the lousier of the seaweed, goes into animal feed supplements, containing many minerals and trace elements, it’s been assayed. Hand harvested at times of lower cyclic tides due to the Moon, and some of the “highest” tides in the world, it’s spread out for the sun to dry on large rocks or nets and turned over, till most of the water has left the “purple” or red seaweed. Spreading it requires that it loosely connect to other pieces making the turning over a little easier than piece by piece. When I helped pick it we dried it from the dory full of burlap sacks, on Indian Beach where there are many large cobbles from ostrich egg size to almost basketball size sea-rounded rock cobbles on the Grand Manan Channel, the chart of which is used as wallpaper in the “Men” restrooms at the “Red Lobster” restaurant “chain”.


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