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Sunday Roundup

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Why is this about Justin Timberlake? He was the dancer who bumped into or got too close to the performer, Janet Jackson that caused the “malfunction” of a costume that, seems to me designed to be removed quickly to get to another scene in another costume, perhaps, at least we might give that theory some possibility.

General Colin Powell’s son was the director of the FCC who resigned and was replaced by people who doubled fines the minute they got into the new “saddle” like horse thieves they seem to be. Though perhaps in some circles “wonderful publicity” (Andy Warhol: there’s no such thing as bad publicity. (?)) to have some “stage craft” malfunction turned into “warlock” and “witch” is dangerous collective thinking in my opinion.

He’s already apologized I recall, Justin Timberlake that is.
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09/20/2009 at 2:13 pm

Long Island Archaeology: A Public Symposium On Recent Research

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September 26, 2009

1-5 p.m.

Wang Center

Room 301

Stony Brook University

Come hear professional archaeologists speak about recent excavations and research on Long Island. Presentations will discuss both prehistoric and historical archaeology and include a screening of the film The Sugar Connection: Holland, Barbados, Shelter Island.



Daniel E. Mazeau, Daria E. Merwin, James Moore, Gaynell Stone, Christopher Matthews, Jenna Wallace Coplin, Allison Manfra, and David Bernstein.


Institute for Long Island Archaeology, Stony Brook University, Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities, Center for Public Archaeology, Homeland Foundation & Hofstra University

For more information please contact:

Allison Manfra

(631) 632-7618


Chris Matthews

(516) 463-4093

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09/11/2009 at 10:53 pm

Newsvine – 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

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I remember the first virus, a “Blackjack” variety, pretty nasty, perhaps an “archetype” of others that followed, was on a 5 1/4″ factory shipped disk from the Rolleimetric factory in Braunschweig, Germany where the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation is located, by way of Prometric Technologies in Canada, 1990. A close-range photogrammetry system, then on Intel 386/387 CPUs, uses a “documented” camera and lens and software to bring aerial mapping metrology to earth, so to speak, for the close measurement of a number of scenarios, i.e., aircraft and car crashes, the native American leader, “Crazy Horse” sculpture, geologically unstable formations, “as-built” buildings, etc., either from the ground or helicopter. The small firm, Grossman and Associates, I worked in, he a writer of the yearly Encyclopedia Britannica entry on archaeology in the Western Hemisphere, used it to record a number of sites, for example, the archaeology of Mead Hall at Drew University, the recovered US Civil War R.P. Parrott rifled cannon gun-platform (“Swamp Angel”) and the “workers houses” both at the historic “West Point Foundry” in an EPA ordered remediation of the Marathon Battery National Priority Site in Cold Spring NY. Today, many of those online info services he queried have been replaced by the proverbial “Ariel” in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” who would span the distance of the world in seconds, the Internet.

I use the German Avira AntiVir software but I have had since 1983, a fair share of problems some I’m not sure if it would take a forensic analysis of why the disks crashed and locked, suspected CMOS viri, perhaps (Wikipedia “CMOS” entry).

Newsvine – 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

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09/11/2009 at 4:17 pm

A Message for Labor Day

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Why don’t we start with a national identification card, which could also be used to record work that is done, and safeguard elections from fraud. I think it was tried in Mexico’s elections way back in 1990s, provided by an American company. I come from the Bronx from where Edgar Allen Poe was from and who may have been used, drugged and voted a number of times, drugged by thugs, employed by unscrupulous politicians in Baltimore, MD before he perished, according to one theory.

Perhaps labor records could be stored by using the card, to compare submitted records of employment for federal unemployment insurance. Today employers take “advantage” by not having to pay into it I’m told if under $600. A number of jobs and you may have been employed but nothing adds up, or as I experienced two weeks before the end of a year, the prior three quarters were used to determine unemployment benefit (laid off), even if you’ve been knocking yourself out in the fourth quarter. It might inspire better compliance with labor regulations.

I also think it might be the first step in a nationwide health care system, since social security cards are not accepted as ID, nor should they. It could have a biometric signature to assure that there’s no fraud in its use.

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09/07/2009 at 8:56 pm

‘William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe" is Great History

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One case I was on the periphery of, that William Kunstler was involved in, was the charge of “racism” in the school district I attended by a Blackfoot native American who was a former personnel director at Maimonides Hospital, who in a commuter accident, however, that put her in a wheelchair, in the early 1970s. Her youngest daughter wrote about her discovery of her native roots for a former English teacher I once had who reportedly commented on her paper “I have an uncle who is a Wampanoag and he says the Indians got what they deserved” to which the mother responded as a charge of “racism” against the school, which William Kunstler also became involved in. She later, with the assistance of Running Bear, returned to the Blackfoot reservation and it seems access for the handicapped also got a little better in the nation. I had worked at a Zum Zum in the Smithaven Mall with two of her daughters.

My favorite case he handled was the native American who unknowingly courted an East German spy. They were going to hang him during the end of the “Cold War” stationed as he was in what was West Germany today the unified country of Germany.
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09/07/2009 at 12:35 am

Musicians File Bankruptcy List | NoiseAddicts music and audio blog

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Musicians File Bankruptcy List | NoiseAddicts music and audio blog

August 27th, 2009 @9:18 am  

I saw Johnny Paycheck 30 years ago at the Choctaw Pow-wow, near Philadelphia, Mississippi, where those terrible civil rights TV shots of dogs and water hoses were used on people. He shortly thereafter was in a bar and a weapon misfired he was carrying and the judge refused to accept his plea which included huge expenses taking care of his deathly ill wife and put him in jail, a case of bad judgment, in my opinion. No longer touring he probably went bankrupt from the incarceration and the notoriety which is a shame he was a “good” guy trying to keep people off “bar-stool mountain”. Iron Eyes Cody was there too, had just lost his wife, the daughter of New York State’s famous archaeologist, Arthur C. Parker. I wonder if “Iron Eyes” was from there, some Italian looks French, early French settlers are still represented in the Choctaw traditional dress. They had a Choctaw beauty pageant, too. They were making truck wiring harnesses for GMC on the reservation. Keep on truckin’

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09/04/2009 at 9:47 pm

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