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Brian Williams From Afghanistan: How Kabul Changed Overnight, What The Troops Think, & Why He Had To Go

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As I recall it, having archaeologically “salvaged” the “Swamp Angel” gun platform, used in the first incendiary bombardment of civilians, the “foreign” citizens of Charleston, South Carolina, in 1863, a EPA re-remediation of nickel and cadmium for batteries in NIKE missile defenses once in use around the world, recovered for the US Army Corps of Engineers in a Marathon Battery National Priority Site in part in “Foundry Cove” filled swampland in Cold Spring, NY next to Constitution Island across the Hudson River from the West Point Military Academy, I was shown a device in our exploration of archaeological recording that allowed a TV camera to be raised over the US embassy compound, which were the only pictures often from our operations there in Iraq, narrated however, quite skillfully for children by television journalist, Peter Jennings.

Edwin Newman read a letter at the UN Chapel, back before the invasion of Iraq and the looting of one of Western civilization’s most important museums, at a eulogy for a former NBC and lastly CBS news producer, George Murray, who had directed “Huntley and Brinkley” in the early years and went on to win awards in television news. In it he apologized to the reporters “embedded” in Vietnam who were trying to create a report on the common soldiers view, that they had been canceled by “higher ups” it was reported to me, a cousin. Those 9/11 passports found, create a scenario, where “The whole World is watching” (Medium Cool).

Brian Williams From Afghanistan: How Kabul Changed Overnight, What The Troops Think, & Why He Had To Go#comment_33691211


Written by georgejmyersjr

10/31/2009 at 8:01 pm

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