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Newsvine – U.S. was ‘hell bent’ on Iraq war, U.K. envoy says

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Newsvine – U.S. was ‘hell bent’ on Iraq war, U.K. envoy says: “I thought I read that the US was paid to conduct the invasion of Iraq the first time, i.e., $80 billion, and if we had RFID then, we wouldn’t have lost $1.5 billion in material left and lost on the beach, that, perhaps since, like the often mistaken urban legend, ‘tore down the 3rd Ave. El sold it to the Japanese and they fired it back at us’ is used against us there and elsewhere from the first Iraq invasion operation, according to the award given to the inventor by the DOD, their facts not mine. By the way the El train stayed up on 3rd Ave. in the Bronx until the Cold War. A Japanese architect designed the WTC and ‘Twin Towers’ the first to use nut-and-bolt construction instead of rivets.

It seems confusing, that, as we entered Afghanizstan just after the events of 9/11/01, after which then PM Tony Blair warned we were going to lose some of our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, long after the failure of diplomacy over the shared oil field under the ‘line in the sand’ between Kuwait and Iraq, and Iraq had turned into the state of ‘billigerent’ for the invasion when Kuwait failed to appear at negotiations. It would be hard to argue we weren’t ‘hell bent’ the call of patriotism was/is very strong, and participation in the first coalition had cost practically ‘nothing’ in funds, at least as I recall it. In fact we have had much to lose, though as Nathan Hale, his statue in 1999 moved to the front of City Hall Park in NYC, when I was excavating in the ‘first almshouse cemetery’ in it, was known to have voiced a regret of having only one life to lose for his country, it is still a fact that we do, and we should examine closely those that would give it away.”


Written by georgejmyersjr

11/28/2009 at 3:04 am

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