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Wales Week In New York

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Wales Week In New York

I’d thought to say hello to Wales Week and in particular Penalt, near Monmouth and the river Wye, which I found in Wikipedia was where Robert Plant, the rock vocalist lived for awhile, losing a son to liver disease. A fellow Stony Brook University Anthropology graduate from Penalt, Wales and Uruguay and I once worked in the archaeology of the Waverly Mansion ferry town landing, near Columbus, Mississippi, home of the American author, Tennessee Williams, who like Dylan Thomas, has had some of his plays re-discovered and performed (i.e., the rediscovered “The Art of Conversation” by Dylan Thomas). It was a further navigation of the Tombigbee River, where ice from Boston, MA once was transported to the Waverly Mansion, now connecting the Tennessee River through the Tombigbee with Mobile Alabama, expanding the barge canal system. I recall the US Congress chose it over an “energy island” for NYC, a proposed relocation of power plants centrally offshore, having at the time the funds and the votes.


Written by georgejmyersjr

03/04/2010 at 1:35 am

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