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Tom Hanks On His JFK Assassination Project, War & Growing Up Navy

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I’ve thought of that report, once denied access to Bldg. 7 when it was going up, with a State Museum employee, archaeologist Ed Johanneman, a ship hulk had been seen in one of the twin towers excavations, much of the site built on excavated former historic landfill down to rock. As you might know it was the first to use nut-and-bolt construction (1971) rather than rivets, a special tool torqued them together, speeding up traditional steelwork, though there were problems with the machines overheating and whether they were torqued high enough before sprayed with concrete. I was wondering if the steel, usually a layer of rust, if the nuts and friction from the probably a “million” of tightening-up might be the material seen in the analysis.

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In “Famous First Facts” (Kane:1973) it says Thermit was first used to free-up ice jams on 2/24/1925 in Waddington, NY. The analysis of the dust from the WTC shows there are traces of it or something very like it in the dust sent to them. I worked in Waddington, on the St. Lawrence River, northern border of NY, for Greenhouse Consultants, Inc., they for the then New York Power Authority research and shovel testing on some of the properties being returned to the public taxrolls that had been either used in the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway, connecting Chicago, Illinois with the Atlantic Ocean, through a series of flooded channels and locks in the late 1950s or next to the construction. Interestingly, the church in Waddington was begun with an endowment by Trinity Church in lower Manhattan.


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03/05/2010 at 1:33 am

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