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Robin Steinberg: Supreme Court Ruling Speaks of a New Kind of Public Defense

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I would like to offer an opinion of where and why this is a nightmare that I feel good that it is addressed. I once was elected a grand jury foreperson in the borough of the Bronx. The sessions then were four day for four weeks which one was paid $40 a day for. In that session, which I signed for as the citizen of name, the rest of the grand jury is anonymous, we had to vote on over 240 cases that summer. I had to swear many officers of the court who were undercover on $5 and $10 “crack” cocaine “buy and busts”. By the way, the US Constitution provides a right to a jury trial for amounts of $20 or more. For these, and in one case an older relation of Malcolm X, in front of a city housing project I once lived in as child growing up, was jumped when he suggested to take the pretty woman’s money and buy her a beer, for theft and roughed up, the officer later maybe sued over the “performance” issue, they would prefer to be in uniform, the amount and quantity, whether real or not to trigger another serious offense would be or is tragic. At another grand jury convening, I read over 4000 of these had been secretly taped by their superiors and was ignored when I asked if the tape could be seen, as reported in an exclusive to the NY Post.

Robin Steinberg: Supreme Court Ruling Speaks of a New Kind of Public Defense

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Written by georgejmyersjr

04/07/2010 at 2:41 am

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