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Mysterious Plum Island Sale Concerns Congressman

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Years ago “Nature” reported they had the vector of “Lyme” disease (one of the few not named after a doctor or researcher) from the clearing off of Nantucket Island, MA. Once the wood was gone they replaced the woods with many sheep. This type of disease was known to affect sheep in Scandinavia and it’s thought sheep shipped to CT and elsewhere transmitted it to other areas. An experiment on the nearby Nomans Land Island, MA, introduced a parasitic wasp in the 1930s and was shown to reduce the tick population by 50% in that short experiment. I once showed a “bull’s-eye” rash to the interns in Manhattan, NY at the St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital at the request of the doctor so they would know what it looked like, from a tick in North Bellport, NY that got under my belt, on an archaeological survey. I’ll not do that alone again. I went to work in Cold Spring, NY right after on an EPA heavy metal remediation on the medication prescribed and recovered the gun platform for the 1863 bombardment of Charleston, South Carolina, the “Swamp Angel” from the West Point Foundry marsh.
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Written by georgejmyersjr

05/19/2010 at 2:27 am

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