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Harlan Ellison launches The Great Ellison Book Purge | Books | Newswire | The A.V. Club

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#97 “Over The Edge stories from somewhere else” is very interesting collection of HE stories. Even more interesting, that the paperback (wasn’t that what George Orwell wanted paperbacks?) has a “Foreword: The Frontiers of Edgeville” by Norman Spinrad and an “Introduction: Brinkmanship” by the author written by the author 8 October 1969 in Los Angeles. Then the story “Pennies, Off a Dead Man’s Eyes” begins without even a blank page! It does give a great introduction to Mr. Ellison, the “who” who’s wrote the stories and an entertaining way of beginning or perhaps ending what we may read. I recall in high school others then arguing for science fiction as literature that should be included in curriculum, after all that’s where protest comes from, troubles in curriculum.

Harlan Ellison launches The Great Ellison Book Purge | Books | Newswire | The A.V. Club


Written by georgejmyersjr

07/04/2010 at 3:19 am

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  1. By the way it also has an "Afterward" by the author about the "Pennies,.." story when he wrote the script for TV's "Mod Squad". My copy is doing the slow burn that cheap paper does, others I've seen, like the copy of King James of Scotland's grant to Lyon Gardiner, formerly of Old Saybrook, CT to the island that became Gardiner's Island, NY where a Captain Kidd treasure was dug up from a map had on his body when he was hung when his London. England "privateer" sponsors would not come forward, last 500 years. He thought he was to be on trial for the inadvertent death of a young seaman who caught the wooden bucket in the head in the middle of a would be mutiny, William Kidd then a respected and well-known property owner on Manhattan. Princess Diana was a distant relation I think. Robert Gardiner related there was no USA then, an India princess's dowry was dug up in the 1890s(?) as all property of criminals becomes the Crown from that map on his person and I thought I heard it turned into a seamen's home and hospital in London on PBS.

    George Myers

    07/24/2010 at 7:56 pm

  2. The book has the "with an introduction by Norman Spinrad" on it's "groovy" cover of a woman riding some multi-colored large bird with a man's head. Judging the book by it's cover is wrong! Very wrong!

    George Myers

    07/04/2010 at 1:40 pm

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