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Lesbian Cadet Quits West Point, Cites ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

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A “forgotten” part of the Academy, across the Hudson River, to the east, is Constitution Island, just south of Cold Spring, NY the site of the famous West Point Foundry, where cannons were made for the U.S. The school didn’t open until 1802, but there were fortifications on Constitution Island, designed by the Cartographer of the American Revolutionary Army, Dutch patriot, Bernard Romans, and included a “Great Chain” forged there stretched across the Hudson River to West Point to impede the British Navy from a “divide and conquer” strategy from NYC to Canada, dividing the north and south colonies. It’s reported to have been the ancestral home of the Tappan “Indians”. Later the patented R.P. Parrott rifled cannon, forged there, is said to have dramatically won the Civil War, both mobile and very large sizes, such as the “Swamp Angel” which bombarded Charleston, SC in 1863. I ask the US, having worked on both sides of the river in archaeology, is this DADT in your Constitution, so bravely fought for, if so where? Show me where. I’ll show you where it never was a policy.
Huffington Post: Lesbian Cadet Quits West Point, Cites ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’


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