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YouTube – Know Your Meme: Weegee

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YouTube – Know Your Meme: Weegee

I was watching Weird Al throw his DVD into a pool, phone assisted customer service isn’t what it used to be, and then a "Know Your Meme" about AutoTune software, from "Rocketboom" and he explained the rise and fall of AutoTune, used to find oil in oil prospecting and came to this other "meme" "Weegee" which comes from Super Mario apparently.

Another "Weegee" was a noted crime-scene photographer in NYC and a friend of Stanley Kubrick, also a photographer for the press. He was given a police radio and was at so many crime scenes "mysteriously" that he became known as "Weegee" after the supposed future-telling parlor game board "Ouija" to explain his uncanny ability.

I was intrigued by an IMDb listing of him in the Stanley Kubrick "Dr. Strangelove" in "Special Effects" uncredited. I’ve also gone "frame by frame" on a trailer for the film from here online. There is a still "frame" of Stanley Kubrick and one of "Weegee" on the trailer. It’s noted now (through his widow and others) that he did, in his off hours, when not processing crime scene newspaper shots, experiment with different lensing, enlarger and developer effects, a collection of his photos are in England, at the moment I can’t recall where but kept with a legitimate film society. I guess him and "Kubrick" which is also a type of thick cut-out doll in Japan, were friends.


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“This is Our Beat” : CJR for the "Education Nation"

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“This is Our Beat” : CJR
In the 1960s a proposal to dam the Hudson River at Storm King Mountain in the Hudson Highlands was fought and stopped. Unfortunately the Cold War had brought the nickel-cadmium contamination to the village just down the river, Cold Spring, NY, in the production of batteries for the NIKE missile defense system. It’s been cleaned up twice since, the former “last use” “school book repository” broken up and with the former West Point Foundry Cove marsh, hauled up and out on the rail-bed that formerly carried bridge works and building parts, in the early 20th c., the Chicago Bridge Co. In the 19th c. 2 or 3 thousand cannons and other ironwork came out on the rails of the iron industry centered in the historic West Point Foundry. The marsh there was once a part of Audubon, I read working there for the EPA, part of the Academy’s only Hudson River east-side holding, Constitution Island, where a Great Chain once stretched to block the British Navy from a “divide and conquer” of the colonies and a number of, later fallen, forts built. Today the West Point Foundry Historic Site belongs to Scenic Hudson, Inc., who fought the dam, and the marsh, administered by the State of New York. Perhaps a similar course might be taken to benefit Louisiana.

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Update: Loose Cannons and Foggy Logic

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Update 9/25/10: A lot of underwater work has gone on at the CSS Alabama wreck site off of France since I worked in the Cold Spring, NY vicinity with Gordon Watts, East Carolina University (PhD, from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, a belated congratulations) who had discovered the USS Monitor wreck on a North Carolina state survey and last I had heard was working with the French on the preliminary assessment of the CSS Alabama site. Here is a recent YouTube video of “The Naval History and Heritage Command Underwater Archaeology Lab Artifacts” from the CSS Alabama and the USS Tulip. Amazing work by the DoD.

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Are there any Yalies out there?

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I have recently read of the plans for management of the Fire Island National Seashore: Wilderness Alternatives, on the website: and would like to express my support of the first alternative, the so-called “status quo” and here are my reasons:

As a past member of the Suffolk County Archaeology Association I attended the public hearings at the William Floyd High School on establishing the National Wilderness designation and presented their report into the hearing as a positive vote for the then proposed Fire Island National Seashore or F.I.N.S. I also worked with them in an original archaeology survey of the William Floyd Manor house, a signer of the “Declaration of Independence” and perhaps the first New Yorker. His sister was married to Ezra L’Hommedieu, notable representative and the first on our New York State Board of Regents, certifying professionals and education.

As a Brookhaven Town Parks Department employee, in 1976, I had won a summer job lottery, I traveled on the occasion of the “tar balls” sightings on the “Burma Road” and the beach, usually Town vehicles travel along the waters edge, to the excluded Bellport, NY, Brookhaven Town section, so I have some knowledge of it and that town’s historic district legislation. I have also read the results found by Mr. Swanson of the NOAA, the lead researcher who investigated the wash-up, of the “tar balls” a result of pier fires in New Jersey and not moving sediments from the New York Bight, where dumping had occurred for a number of years before taken further offshore. “Penalties” Section 105 moved the 12 mile permit dumping to 106 miles offshore but a deadline for that was extended until at least December 1991.

When the William Floyd Manor property was transferred, it required some rehab before the public could safely use it. This required clearance archeology in the “impacts” (improvements) which was done by the Dept. of Interior’s Denver Service Center under the supervision of Dana Linck, archaeologist, (now “Great Chain Consulting”) and there, I was part of the crew. The interpretative work that has gone on subsequently is to be commended and this support should no way be interpreted as recommending that it be stopped, in fact I am of the opinion there should be more archaeology there, in the national interest, reconstruction, for example of the side garden, as is proposed for another Montauk Highway former manor, Rufus King Park in Jamaica, Queens, a NYC Landmark,  I’ve also worked on a number of times. An important figure in the early days of the United States, “Rufus was an author of the US Constitution, New York’s first US senator, and an early opponent of slavery.” (OHNY 10/10/2010) Also the “last Federalist” and a presidential and vice-presidential candidate. He served as our first Minister to Great Britain.

That said, I stand by the recommendations of the Suffolk County Archaeology Association and that the rest of the FINS remain “forever wild” and whatever is done there, the minimum. I might also bring to your attention the possibility of ordnance, for a seaplane base for Yale University students was once nearby on the north side of the Great South Bay in the 1930s, I’ve read online. There was a gun emplacement there and large “deadly swirling holes” were described on the south side of the bay on Fire Island proper, the range, effect and surviving shells not accounted as described. Perhaps a survey should be conducted or a limiting perimeter established, as there is now at Camp Hero, the New York State Park at Montauk, NY.

Thanks for your time,

George J. Myers, Jr.
BA Anthropology
Stony Brook University

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Video game law

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Attorneys-General, Legal Experts, Scientists Oppose Controversial Video Game Law – "I don’t see how this might limit a minor from say ‘America’s Army’ which, and my experience is prior to ver. 3, is a very violent role playing game designed for recruitment, I believe. To single out others for theme and ‘marginal’ content for minors seems to me to be a ‘funnel’ into selective services. The National Guard began protecting U.S. capitals, first NYC, then Philadelphia, and was called out to protect the people of NYC in the ‘draft riots’ and Washington, D.C. in the Civil War. This seems like some ‘uber-mensch’ strategy to turn our citizen armed services into corporate lackies for foreign wars. You will play ‘our’ game and you will like it."

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YouTube Interview with President Clinton

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Ha ah ha

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