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China moving heaven and Earth to bring water to Beijing

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NYC had some droughts and shortages before the Army Corps of Engineers did a study on the possible “water crisis”. It studied a number of alternatives and concluded it would have to also go to another watershed, the western lakes of Connecticut and Massachusetts, it concluded in the 1970s. Currently water tunnels are being built (by “sandhogs” in solid rock, I have a piece of) under NYC and in lower Manhattan. It’s said to have to come up either in the Seaport Historic District or at 1 Police Plaza to efficiently hookup with the water distribution network. The ordered filtration plant is being built in the Bronx, instead of in Westchester or along the Harlem River. One “benefit” of “global warming” is a predictive increase of rainfall in the Northeast, the character of which, more frequent or just larger downpours is not described, with more clouds over L.A., according to a woman’s B.S. honors thesis at Stony Brook University a couple of years ago, its former university president, then President Bush’s “science advisor” Dr. Marburger.

China moving heaven and Earth to bring water to Beijing –

See also the Planetary Society blog entry “Chang’E 2 launches to the Moon” China’s launch of a lunar probe satellite to survey a future soft landing site on the Moon. Link autoplays, plays well with others, other sites crash my computer. IE9, or mine, is having trouble with the linking human interface. The “Compose” editor in Blogger is almost menu useless, the “Edit HTML” however works.


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10/01/2010 at 1:28 pm

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