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On George Washington’s Birthday–yesterday Presidents’ Day

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Comment: Opinion: Was George Washington a Christian? –AOLnews

I recall George Washington’s diary is available to historians. The one section I’m familiar with, on his triumphal return and tour of Long Island after winning the war, is his observation of the Bald Hills of Long Island, which he referred to as a "mere trifling" but the diary seems to suggest he was always looking at the land for its "carrying capacity", i.e., its ability to support agriculture or manufacture. He’s quoted as saying, as another example, that he thought a dam at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, in todays Harpers Ferry, W.VA, might supply all the power needed for the manufacturing in the new republic. Various manufacturers were indeed there though lost to flood and civil war, though a dam never built there. He would be happy that a national Purple Heart Center is now in the former New Windsor Cantonment, a New York State Park, near Vail, NY. It is where he asked the troops to over-winter in case the then recently signed treaty was not honored. Many, I’m sure, wanted to leave, the fighting over. Many non-Christians had also been involved in the struggle and lost lives and livelihoods.


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02/22/2011 at 12:55 pm

Neglected and rusting deep below Grand Central station, the armoured train that helped heroic Roosevelt keep his polio secret – UK’s Mail Online

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My aunt’s husband was a clerk (or "clark" as you say) in FDR’s law office before all the politics. I had an uncle with polio who worked in the Hall of Records (today’s beaux-arts Surrogate Court on Chambers St.) with my grandfather, a real estate reporter, who sometimes kept his family of eleven children going knowing where the new coal contracts might be. My uncle in a wheelchair unfortunately perished there in an elevator (or "lift" as you say) accident during WWII, his five other brothers served in it. Was told FDR was instrumental in getting the famous lawyer for the handicapped, Basil O’Connor, on his behalf and awarded $5000, a lot of money in those days for his death.

The other-side of my family come from Grand Manan Island not far from Campobello, where its thought FDR contracted polio. Well I thought I’d report, as reported the other day, it was to a Boy Scout camp at Hessian Lake, in today’s Bear Mountain State Park, nearby NYC that he was sick from, no worries.

Excellent coverage and photos here.

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S.S. City of Atlanta

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A difference maker

February 17, 2011 By Peter Dizikes –

In January 1942, a month after the United States entered World War II, Japan launched a new series of attacks in the Pacific, while German submarines started a new wave of strikes in the Atlantic. Against this grim backdrop, Collier’s magazine ran a story for its 2.5 million readers about one vital person who, it claimed, could turn the tide: “Meet the man who may win the war,” the publication said.

That man was Vannevar Bush…

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