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Newsvine: Court case lifts lid on secret post 9/11 flights

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Irish "plane spotters" (like "train-spotting") watchers of commerce, wore "black shamrocks" on one Easter in protest of the "extraordinary rendition" assumed landed and flown through the Republic of Ireland presumably illegally. The bowl of shamrocks given to then President George W. Bush by the current Pope were green for St. Patrick’s Day according to the photo-op.

Amazing story, that almost went unnoticed, therefore supposed to be covert leads one to the conclusion that the Executive Branch under the current War Powers Act, which Republicans complain Democrats overuse while they’re are not in power and then in my opinion abuse, when they’re in office, should be reined in ("reined" right, as "unbridled" not reign?)

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08/31/2011 at 7:55 pm

Earthquake Puts Crack In Washington Monument (VIDEO)

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I watched a documentar­y (Catholics­, Elke Sommer, et al.) about it once. At the time of constructi­on various groups and organizati­ons donated a stone or two(?) to the Washington Monument. One, contribute­d by US Catholics, was stolen and reputed to be dumped into the Potomac River, and never a part of the Washington Monument. Maybe they could find it and replace the cracked one from the donated stone. If you know more about it, please leave me a comment.
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“It was not replaced until 1982.” – Homilies and Occasional Thoughts

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08/26/2011 at 1:03 pm

The Economist: Seasons of discontent – Comment on El Nino

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I recall back in the 1970s told by an archaeologist and writer of prehispanic Peru, Ed Lanning, that due to the vagaries of the Humboldt current, the waters off shore smelled like a baby’s diaper, and that’s how "El Nino" came to be, no fish or smell from dead fish. Another interesting phenomenon discussed by British geographers is the growing disparities of wealth between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, where conflict is liable to occur, perhaps like the sides in the "North and South" in the American civil war. One side providing the raw materials the other with decreasing "return" to the suppliers.

Climate science

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08/25/2011 at 7:05 am

Jackie O: LBJ Had My Husband Killed – comment

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Television critic Marvin Kittman once had an article about a Marine who was in charge of test firing the rifle at the range used in the assassination of JFK. He stated the only way, as it was, that the rifle could have hit the President was by aiming at Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. The report was left out of the Warren Commission report because of the problem apparently with the sighting of the rifle as "evidence". A tampered state of the rifle could not be negated nor its untampered state corroborated or verified in other words, I think. However, Mr. Kittman had spoken to the US Marine. Mr. Kittman thought perhaps the story that Marina Oswald had become obsessed with Mrs. Kennedy and had driven Lee Oswald to distraction, she a former citizen of the USSR, where he had once tried to defect. Mrs. Kennedy, a former reporter, whose father cut the ribbon for the opening of the George Washington Bridge in New York, was however, probably in quite a state of shock. Or perhaps she meant as a symbol, "LBJ" as the center of the ideology of a periphery of plotters, not a direct connection, a "collective" symbol. I’m sure she, as a former reporter, would have wanted to get to the bottom of that, if true.  -  #47 Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:13 PM EDT Newsvine

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Comment: NY Times “Disunion” 150 year start of Civil War

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The Future of ‘Freedom’s Fortress’

As a former US President, James Monroe was reported to be an important, well-liked resident of New York City. When he passed on he was interred in one of the first non-denominational cemeteries in the City, the Marble Vault Cemetery in a then very different Bowery, apparently by choice. The Virginia legislature voted to have him reburied in Virginia, in the Hollywood Cemetery. Historians report the whole city stopped to show its respects as his body was taken down to the ship at the dock and sailed to Virginia. I would hope the "Fortress Monroe" be preserved, as has recently Fort Jay has in our own harbor on Governors Island, where a future President Ulysses S. Grant once served as an Army captain. Friday at 11:48pm

How to Lose Allies and Alienate People

The British Navy was blockading slave-running ships on the west coast of Africa. A yacht, "Wanderer" was stopped and boarded. Built in East Setauket, NY on the north shore of Long Island, and out-fitted in Port Jefferson with water tanks for the trans-Atlantic crossing, was thought "too luxurious" in 1858 to be a slaver by the British officer according to his later testimony. "The Wanderer (slave ship)" Wikipedia entry is quite extensive. Hard to see how they might be pro-Confederacy. In 1861, the "Alligator (submarine)" was constructed and perhaps a story I heard about a fleet of them if Great Britain entered the war in the Atlantic is true. As it was they were later fined for the C.S.S. Alabama. August 12 at 9:46pm

Powered By Osteons: Solving the Mystery of Conjoined Twins at Angel Mound

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Alec Baldwin: "New York And Me" a comment

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Have you seen "King of the Ants"? Mr. Baldwin’s brother plays an unscrupulo­us developer in it. I worry about that in New York, as I work in its archaeolog­y on and off. I’m not sure how we’re going to get a "square deal". For example 9/11/01 was a primary day in NYC, and just before it, WABC, as I recall, invited the candidates for Mayor to appear on air to answer a panel of reporters’ questions. After the candidates responses each response, they considered "possible" with a check-mark or an X for "not possible" and probably a nice piece of political rhetoric. I recall it because of the crash in Queens, WTC debacle and that a large Johnson & Johnson wound research center was closed over an unknown powder in the mail in New Jersey where I was working, then on to Picatinney Arsenal and West Point Military Academy in archaeolog­ical testing as required by law and working away from NYC.

One of the candidates on the news special replied, this again was before the 9/11 election primary, that he would construct the low and middle-income housing promised in return for building the WTC and "demapping city streets" never allegedly built with the monies about to be received in the "windfall sale" of the World Trade Center by NYC and the NY/NJ Port Authority. His response was given a check-mark by ABC’s news panel. And no, Mr. Bloomberg was not there or in the sponsored radio debate.

One thing might be the suggested creation of one “Building Dept.” as once suggested by former NY State Senator Velella. As it is now there are various agencies spread out here and there with separate permitting procedures and “bottlenecks” obviously great places for graft and corruption. If we had one central organization, maybe the faked concrete testing on important projects around the city might never had happened and the former Senator not tempted into a served prison term. In that case a centralized process allows review and regulation. – added past the 250 word limit at Huffington Post.

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08/15/2011 at 12:15 am

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