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Yesterday informs today…

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Yesterday was "Archaeology Day" in the USA and Canada. It might point to a history such between us though coincidentally we were at war next year 200 years ago (cue up "1812 Overture") and the single defeat in a War of the US, probably due to our lack of supply lines, or the superior ones in then "Lower Canada" i.e. the Rideau Canal, the historical society of which I once bought a rose decorated chocolate pot while on archaeology survey of New York’s northern border through which flows mutual commerce upon our cooperative construction, the modern St. Lawrence Seaway, allowing ocean-going ships access to ports on the Great Lakes constructed in the late 1950s. One thing we agreed to I imagine is not allow the wars of Europe be fought out here in North America ever again. With that in mind and the recent Rupert Murdock "hacking" scandal I thought I might introduce a short piece of Sir Thomas Urquhart (1611 – c. 1660) prose for those reading this blog for some indication of intelligent matter left in my brain:

Sir Thomas on Scottish bankers

There hath been in London . . . for these many years together, a knot of Scottish bankers, collybists, or coin-coursers, of traffickers in merchandise to and again, and of men of other professions, who by hook and crook, fas et nefas, slight and might, all being as fish their net could catch, having feathered their nests to some purpose, look so idolatrously upon their Dagon of wealth, and so closely, like the earth’s dull centre, hug all unto themselves, that for no respect of virtue, honour, kindred, patriotism, or whatever else, be it never so recommendable, will they depart from so much as a single penny; . . . which churlish and tenacious humour hath made many . . . imagine their compatriots infected with the same leprosy of a wretched peevishness, whereof those quodomodocunquizing cluster fists and rapacious varlets have given of late such . . . proofs.

Extracts from the writings of Sir Thomas Urquhart


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FBI’s Definition Of Rape Is Outdated And Narrow, Agency Panel Concludes

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“At first reading I was reminded of reading the law in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) as if the first part was lifted directly from it. However Article 120, appears to have been rewritten in 2007 and appears quite different (http://tin­­6mhzxs and further). As a citizen/anthropol­ogist I think there were similar problems in the UCMJ now more clearly defined in the Article language. By the way, the first Court Martial trial in the United States in which enlisted men were allowed to sit as members of the court – February 3, 1949 – was on Governors Island, in NYC.”  Huffington Post

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Judge rules against Choi in ‘vindictive’ prosecution claim

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George Myers

A veteran went actually over the White House fence under the previous administration, emphatically trying to speak to then President George W. Bush, to end the sniper operations in Iraq. He thought it was not working and had lead to accelerated acts against US personnel, Humvee tires shot out of nowhere, which I once thought not deflatable, and other indeterminable bullet origins. These protest actions do not present a trespass or criminal intent, why not allowed under the Bill of Rights? “Obstructing a sidewalk” had been used against some sitting along one in NYC back in the last century.

Washington Blade: Judge rules against Choi in ‘vindictive’ prosecution claim

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To Governor Rick Scott: What Anthropologists Can Do for Florida

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In New York we have the Division of Historical and Anthropolo­gical Services, a part of the State Museum, and they are required to review many projects that involve the potential for further science through archaeolog­y, when former areas of the state are transforme­d by modern constructi­on, i.e., roads, river dredging, etc., and building, i.e., former settlement built on. However, it can be like the hypothetic­al E.U., archaeolog­ists from France can come and excavate in England, that is companies out-of-sta­te are hired as the national preservati­on laws cover the country, though the state has its requiremen­ts also. In China they discuss two types of archaeolog­y, the one where constructi­on finds sites and the other where academic research, often underfunde­d, goes out to find sites. Most of the SHPO and THPO (state historic preservati­on offices and also tribal historic preservati­on offices) try to anticipate both and could use more people anthropolo­gy trained.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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Did you miss the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011?

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Vertical Screen, Warminster, PA on former US Naval Weapons Lab, "brownfield" now "green" building site. In the business of personnel background checks for business, apparently 24/7.                            

Did you miss the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011? 

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