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Memory Motel

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Dear Rolling Stones fans,
We’re gearing up to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary with a lot of exciting plans, and we’d appreciate your help with some of them.

Don’t have an image but an article was written in a compendium of essays, one by Leslie Fielder about “Altamont” back in 1974 or so in a Wesleyan University Press book. I had the pleasure of presenting it, but not having seen the film, in a “Seminar in the Arts” by Esther Schwartz at the newly opening Amherst Campus part of the Buffalo University in NY, just before you chaps went on tour and showed up.

Leslie Fielder was in the class, the point of the class to have a different artist from the Buffalo, NY area appear every week and discuss with the class their careers in the Arts. In “Residential Education” the class would assemble in a lounge, at the time, in a new residence hall built by I.M. Pei the Chinese-American architect, whose later new wing addition to the US National Gallery I had the pleasure to visit while excavating at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD, for the National Parks, where the “rockets red glare” and parachute flares illuminated the fort. A 10″ shell is reported to never have exploded outside the “bombproof” the officers latrine was attached to, “a two-seater” brick kidney, in a nice right triangle.

I missed the Buffalo concerts. I think it helped bring the place around a bit. I did enjoy the one concert in Madison Square Garden which I believe opened by Stevie Wonder, and looking at your gig records, Jimi Hendrix was visiting back stage. Check out the BBC recordings of Wonder on drums(?) and Hendrix on guitar(?) if you haven’t, I once heard on a jazz station up around Harriman, NY.

A “Between the Buttons” fan.


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03/28/2012 at 12:48 pm

The President and His General –

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The President and His General – Or other relationships. I was told by the Robert Gardiner, descendant of Julia Gardiner, married to former President Tyler, that she had had a vision and rode all night from Tidewater to Richmond to see her husband, in charge of Richmond, before she thought he would die. He was very mad she had, and the following day collapsed on the Hotel steps. Both sides, out of respect for the former First Lady, allowed her grieving entourage to pass back to New York, where her father had been the US Senator, who perished with others when the "Peacemaker" cannon, forged in NYC, exploded on the USS Princeton, passing and fired in salute to Washington’s Mount Vernon above the Potomac River. She is sometimes referred to as the prettiest, married at 19, after meeting widow President Tyler, fortunately below decks, when the large cannon exploded.

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