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Why You Should Read This Book – Economist – Marilyn Monroe?

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At “Dangerous Minds” awhile ago, is a link in China to the film version with Milo O’Shea as Leopold Bloom, Ulysses (1967). In one scene, he has a dream, and as Mayor of Dublin, gives the “Vulcan salute” (from the Hebrew ceremony also used by “Spock” Leonard Nimoy in the Star Trek franchise, to say LLAP “Live long and prosper”). It helped re-explain the novel, having seen a number of stage productions (2) of “Ulysses in Night Town” after attempting a too young an age to read it. “Portrait of an artist, as an Old Man” (“Catch-22” author Joseph Heller’s last novel) and various other combinations of that James Joyce work, beg to differ with a selective criticism of the novel mistakenly published as of the work of Matisse about Homer (New York, 1935). Economist


The Fight To Create America’s Newest National Park

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“Since a part of my family is from Grand Manan Island, NB, and we used to spend some summers there I have also had the opportunity to, by van and train, to be in the Maine North Woods. They are beautiful and a part of our American legacy written by Henry David Thoreau. More well known for his living by Massachusetts’ Walden Pond, one might argue, his inspiration came from his travels in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and Mt Katahdin in Maine (Wikipedia). I vacationed near Lake Winnepeasauki, NH (“Smile of the Great Spirit”) in the foothills of the US NPS administered White Mountains and believe that the benefits outweigh any troubles, especially compared to the 1930s Fourth of July logging train fire that burned thousands of White Mountain acres, in the southern Presidential Range. They should have given that train the day off! And what a wonderful place the Maine North Woods are and the people nearby. Our neighbors in Quebec and New Brunswick, one might argue, would be attracted to time in a US National Park, the start (or finish) of the Appalachian Trail, through the East Coast’s highlands.”


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06/24/2012 at 7:56 am

Oldest Maya mural wows archaeologists

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Oldest Maya mural wows archaeologists.

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06/20/2012 at 9:50 am

Scientists plan bake sale to save cash-strapped NASA

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Do think the government should continue to fund space exploration? – MSN now

Newspeak “Do think…” I thinks it should as a member of the Planetary Society, which consists of many members from many nations on planet Earth. In the spirit of cooperation the US government could continue to fund space exploration that has kept the interests of the many citizens of the planet excited about the Universe around us along with the research of other nations now also in space. I think(s) “Was it Sir Arthur C. Clarke who warned of a new “Tower of Babel” of communications satellites that just reinforce individual (ethnic) cultures and language without international cooperation?” Though the sir is dropped in New Zealand, they launch near space sounding rockets and make available research payloads to any and all. The spirit of internationalism aboard Captain Husband’s ill-fated Columbia space shuttle should not be abandoned or forgotten.

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06/09/2012 at 6:00 pm

Frickin’ laser beams may have located the lost city of gold

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What other lost treasures would you like to find with lasers? MSN now

Safe ports…dawn and dusk vision…”gated” lasers just might in development. Dark NEO’s full of minerals (Near Earth Orbit). Moon distance already being measured with them. “Laser propulsion” near the speed of light. We measure it to record properties, build roads, etc., infrared (visible lasers for tunnels) “tacheometers” or “total stations” are now under $4000. Very accurate.

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06/09/2012 at 5:56 pm

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