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Why You Should Read This Book – Economist – Marilyn Monroe?

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At “Dangerous Minds” awhile ago, is a link in China to the film version with Milo O’Shea as Leopold Bloom, Ulysses (1967). In one scene, he has a dream, and as Mayor of Dublin, gives the “Vulcan salute” (from the Hebrew ceremony also used by “Spock” Leonard Nimoy in the Star Trek franchise, to say LLAP “Live long and prosper”). It helped re-explain the novel, having seen a number of stage productions (2) of “Ulysses in Night Town” after attempting a too young an age to read it. “Portrait of an artist, as an Old Man” (“Catch-22” author Joseph Heller’s last novel) and various other combinations of that James Joyce work, beg to differ with a selective criticism of the novel mistakenly published as of the work of Matisse about Homer (New York, 1935). Economist


You say you want a…

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11:09 AM on 11/12/2011

"If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow." a left out line seems to me what the song might have also referred to in "Revolution". In fact the Communist Party is still alive and still is very critical of unbridled "capitalism" that impoverishes society, i.e., top brokerages have a list among certain brokers to sell or buy 20 "blue chip" stocks based on the "odds or evens" in the old reckoning of fractions (7/8, 1/4, etc.) of a dollar before the decimal system now in place, so alleged to involve 3/4 billion request payback and 1.5 billion in fines against the major brokerage houses. Then there are the other more recent fiscal debacles. Tax on Wall Street! Then it’s regulated.

You Say You Want A Revolution – Douglas Forbes at Huffington Post

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11/13/2011 at 12:16 pm

On reading “South Street Seaport Museum Sinking Fast…" – Huffington Post

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Maybe there should be an independen­t investigat­ion. The Rouse Corporatio­n began with the “Inner Harbor” project in Baltimore, MD in the 1980s which has had a beneficial effect on that city. The museum’s “satellite­” is no longer at 17 State Street where there was “New York Unearthed” an active site for the preservati­on and depiction of the archaeolog­y of New York City, where then US Custom’s agent Herman Melville, once lived and presumably wrote nearby. Once the original site for the World Trade Center, fought off over the history and aims of preservati­on in NYC, it deserves the City’s support, perhaps as a public department­.

I heard they were renaming it to the Seaport Museum of New York City. There was also talk of “the return” of the “Peking” to Germany, where it’s originally from. I thought the alliance of the Mariners’ Museum, in Newport News, Virginia with them was supposed to be a win-win? Exhibit space and collection­s shared to both, advantages­. I worked with Gordon Watts, PhD, on the EPA’s archaeology for the remediatio­n in Cold Spring, NY, he had found the “USS Monitor” on a state sponsored survey, built by a consortium in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Prior we had cannons and a ship hulk found in the constructi­on outside the Seaport Historic District which have been conserved to some degree. The US National Maritime Historical Society is just up the Hudson River in Peekskill, NY and three maritime academies nearby, Kings Point, and the Webb Institute, on Long Island, and SUNY Maritime College at Fort Schuyler, in the Bronx. It would be a shame to see the Seaport flounder and die in a real estate conspiracy­, i.e., no longer a Fulton Fish Market. Donald Trump once announced ‘the world’s tallest building” going up on the waterfront nearby but the East River water stanchions could not be protected from terrorists so a no go. Robert David Lion Gardiner, last “lord of the Gardiners Island Manor” who once served on the USS Princeton, felt sorry for Mr. Trump, very leveraged.

Original article is in the Huffington Post. Interesting Governors Island blog where they found a calico cat washed over from New Jersey reported by Fox News in NYC this morning. Yesterday it was skateboarding dogs!

Poll: Should individuals have property rights on the moon?

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Chang’e 2 is on its way to the Moon, a success launched by China. It will fly as low as 15km mapping the Moon for a future landing. If and when humans actually process natural resources there, an international “federation” should be set-up to oversee unintended consequences. For example, “moonmarks” of previous efforts by other nations should be respected, the landing sites covered under treaty, and the possible failures also protected as “peace graves” or other criteria. Also any trade in artifacts from the Moon should be well-regulated, on an international register, perhaps, or the artifacts will be considered outlawed and subject to seizure by Interpol. The United Nations would take an active role, and we could stand there, at the Russian sculpture made from a disassembled ICBM, and dream to visit our Earth’s companion and fellow travelers in our Solar System.

Polldaddy Are they thinking what you’re thinking?

NASA Embraces Commercial Lunar Explorers and Becomes Customer of Google Lunar X PRIZE Competitor

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10/15/2010 at 10:27 pm

China moving heaven and Earth to bring water to Beijing

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NYC had some droughts and shortages before the Army Corps of Engineers did a study on the possible “water crisis”. It studied a number of alternatives and concluded it would have to also go to another watershed, the western lakes of Connecticut and Massachusetts, it concluded in the 1970s. Currently water tunnels are being built (by “sandhogs” in solid rock, I have a piece of) under NYC and in lower Manhattan. It’s said to have to come up either in the Seaport Historic District or at 1 Police Plaza to efficiently hookup with the water distribution network. The ordered filtration plant is being built in the Bronx, instead of in Westchester or along the Harlem River. One “benefit” of “global warming” is a predictive increase of rainfall in the Northeast, the character of which, more frequent or just larger downpours is not described, with more clouds over L.A., according to a woman’s B.S. honors thesis at Stony Brook University a couple of years ago, its former university president, then President Bush’s “science advisor” Dr. Marburger.

China moving heaven and Earth to bring water to Beijing –

See also the Planetary Society blog entry “Chang’E 2 launches to the Moon” China’s launch of a lunar probe satellite to survey a future soft landing site on the Moon. Link autoplays, plays well with others, other sites crash my computer. IE9, or mine, is having trouble with the linking human interface. The “Compose” editor in Blogger is almost menu useless, the “Edit HTML” however works.

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10/01/2010 at 1:28 pm

Dr. Strangelovey

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A few years back I worked with a Mr. Richter of Staten Island, NY who left “contract archaeology” for Naval Intelligence. What seemed like a short time later, in the first months of the Dubya redux, he was crash landing on Hainan Island in China after colliding with a Chinese jet interceptor. Shortly after that the Bush admin cancelled the “life boat” project for the International Space Station, and called for a return to the Moon, please supply comments, it requested. The destruction of the Columbia orbiter, under Captain Husband (one of the crew was one of the number of Israeli pilots who flew in a close formation of jets, to look like an airliner on radar over interceding countries, in the bombing of the French built nuclear power plant in Iraq many years ago) over Texas must have been hard to bear. Many years ago the citizenry of the US wrested the space shuttles away from the US Air Force (to be launched from Vandenberg, CA secretly) to create a peaceful use of space, threatened once again by US military designs, and always newsworthy, perhaps as an “us vs. them” the largest day care center in the world vs. the public sector (just kidding).

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07/27/2005 at 2:50 pm

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