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Daytonian in Manhattan: The Federal Survivor at No. 37 East 7th. Street

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While at Grossman & Associates, Inc., (16th St. and Third Ave.) we used to get our AutoCAD updates from here. I think we also leased a wide pen plotter from them.


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Errors and omission, red ink and rewrites

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FW: Archaeology reports: errors and omissions‏

From: Amanda Sutphin ( You moved this message to its current location.
Sent: Wed 4/13/11 3:09 PM
Cc: Emily Rich (

Thank you for your interest and comments.  We are now making a practice of putting all archaeological reports on-line and hope many people will now be able to review them.


Amanda Sutphin, RPA
Director of Archaeology
New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission
Municipal Building, 9th Fl
1 Centre St
New York, NY 10007
(212) 669-7823

From: George Myers []
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 2:07 PM
To: Public InfoCc:
Subject:Archaeology reports: errors and omissions

I am very glad to see the information presented online. It was one of the purposes I thought of the archaeology as stated in the aims of the first archaeology Sherene Baugher, PhD, i.e., to put the reports in all the public libraries in New York City. Unfortunately the reasons many gave against it I find some similarity with:


It erroneously states my surname “Myers” as “Meyers” and that I have an M.A. I have a B.A. It also erroneously states therefore I was a “Project Archaeologist”. It also erroneously reports Nancy A. Stehling as having an “M.A.” She has a “M.S.” in Public Archaeology from RPI and is on the RPA. I’ve seen trouble before from people having M.A. added to their names, and though I was a PhD candidate at Stony Brook University years ago, now with a campus also in Manhattan, I gave that up to find more practical experience in NYC, not completing my essays for an M.A. though passing comprehensive exams.

Note: It was during the fieldwork for the new fence erected around two sides of this cemetery, with soldiers of 4 wars, 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American, WWI, along with others interred that noticed dead crows were called into a number provided by WNBC News for West Nile tracking in 1999. Those ravens nevermore. Today near the new Vidalia Park and once along the Bronx River a small block south of the Bronx Zoo. – 10/12/2012

I might also add that another report Ms. Stehling and I were the primary researchers and I a major writer of was the:

(LPC online as 501.pdf)

and there is no credit given at all. We were never provided the almost final or final copy and if you look at it it could have at minimum used a better proofing:

“Later it became Governor Peter Stuyvesant’s farm or bouwerie, where the street derived its name. He is buried near his farm in the Street Marks Church-in-the-Bowery at 10th Street and 2nd Avenue, the oldest continuing house of worship in the City.” p.6

There are other similar glaring errors we might have corrected though Parsons from Virginia. There is also problems with the bibliography, a book entry in the list of maps. I’m still not convinced the editor had our interest in mind, the primary research as to some of the specifics history of landmark evaluation left out, but seen in the bibliography i.e., General Von Steuben and the first National Guard; Kate Mullaney the first woman, sitting next to Susan B. Anthony in Germania Hall, voted to union management. She organized the detachable “white collar” cleaner workers in Troy, NY. Her house is on the US National Register of Historic Places today. Perhaps one or two signs or plaques would’ve been considered for where feminist Kate Millet also lived before the development.

Anyway those two I’ve had a chance to look over, and congratulate the LPC for putting these reports online.

George J. Myers, Jr.

Searchable database of reports online:

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Photo of a smoker with a Rollei for 5/27 – Roger Ebert’s Journal

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Photo of a smoker with a Rollei for 5/27 – Roger Ebert’s Journal: “Looks a little like James Dean, check the boots, when he had an apartment in NYC. I used an experimental Rollei then MR2 program, that with 8’x10’s, software, Intel 387, and digitizing tablet, created 3D computer vectors from photos. I heard used by Brits in auto accident studies. Canadians were interested after blizzard covered US military air-crash in Gander, Newfoundland before forensics could be finished. Recently bought by Trimble the GPS, GIS company. By the way, the other driver was at fault not Mr. Dean, according to computer reconstruction of accident.”

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Draw the Curtains: Gigapixel Cameras Create Highly Revealing Snapshots [Slide Show]

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“Researchers are developing cameras that can take digital snapshots made up of more than a billion pixels”

If they are reading this the site referenced has a picture labeled “Seattle OR” which of course should be Seattle, WA. I worked with a Rollei close-range photogrammetry system, a medium-format camera, though 35mm was also available, in development as Intel 80387 (i387) math chip made the process available from a number of photos registered on a large tablet which allowed 3D measurements from software to be obtained from a sequence of photos, (or photo) with the factory documented camera and lens for aberration or distortion. I think this method might aid the science of close-range photogrammetry, where very accurate measurements are needed. Was that pipe on the oil platform, to be replaced, as it was on the “blueprint”, or how much needs to be adjusted, or other uses, accidents, preservation, “as-builts” etc.

Scientific American article comment.

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Ha ah ha

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More of the story

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It sometimes seems that way. At the former immigration processing place, Castle Clinton, down in Battery Park, where I was at the end of last year monitoring a new subway tunnel through the park to the Staten Island Ferry (2005) was a model of the “Turtle” just before 9/11/01 put there by the History Channel who promised a much better replica to follow, which the Australian Navy loves to describe as the world’s first armed submarine used in naval operations. Also about the day or two before 9/11/01 a French parasailer got tangled up in the Statue Of Liberty’s torch, trying to get the best “shot” of it in his camera (the first electrically lit lighthouse in the world they say on the “Snapple” bottle-cap 1898 I think) and the NYC police had to untangle him from the torch! My grandmother Margaret Gregory, before she married my real estate reporter grandfather Joseph Myers and had eleven kids, my Dad the youngest born on the table at 660 Water Street on the day after Christmas, “Boxing Day” in jolly old England, was a nanny to the caretaker on “Bedloe’s Island” and they used to call her “Bedloe’s Nanny” which strangely no one knows in New York where Bedloe actually came from I read. They had to move in the 1930’s and NYC’s first public “projects” were built there the Alfred E. Smith Houses (still there, he was the first Catholic high level politician grew-up on Peck Slip in the Seaport nearby).

Anyway I got canned from the 3:30pm to 12:00am midnight monitoring the subway trench job back in December for having a blog! A subcontractor for the MTA, Dewberry, but they didn’t tell me what for just the why. The section there of subway is so curved only the first 4 cars have access to the platform for the Staten Island Ferry (grandpa joke: Henry Hudson sails into NY harbor with the Dutch crew, he being English. Looks over “Is that an island?” Dutch crewman writes down “Staten Island”) which probably had some people very flustered on 9/11/01 as they were leaving. New Ferry Terminal is quite nice escalators and Labrador retrievers I noticed, and snack stands, etc.

I finally made it back to the Grand Manan group and read the LPG stuff very interesting. I guess that Iran/Soviet report has people spooked. The German submarine in August 1918 showed up and after putting the crew off of a three masted I think put an explosive charge in the depths of the hold and blew it up and sank, quite, what would you say “civilly” it was reported years ago in the “Quoddy Tides”. WWII wasn’t very civil at all, and Grand Mananer, from Castalia, Leman Urquhart, Master Mariner, and Savannah, Georgia harbor pilot, was lost with 42 others when the “SS City of Atlanta” was torpedoed by U-123 off of Avon, NC Cape Hatteras in early January of 1942. He was my grandfather Lawrence Urquhart’s brother.

That’s Castle Clinton not “Fort”. “Fort Apache” looks nothing like it once did. All those places President Carter visited are all fixed up. The bank nearby it was said to have been, where the rush to take all the money out of banks started, causing a bank collapse that contributed to the start of the Great Depression. That was nearby “Fort Apache” according to a City Planner who took us on the “Old Croton Aqueduct” walk on Saturdays different sections up to the dam.

Fort Williams is on Governors Island they were twins sort of. I’ve heard “castle” are all stone,and “forts” much more wood.  I worked there four days once digging deep holes with a backhoe before it was turned over to the City for an offer of $1 by then President William Jefferson Clinton, who lives in Chappaqua, NY where Horace Greeley, a once Presidential candidate himself who offered to buy out the Confederacy, is attributed with the expression “Go west young man and grow up with the country.” There’s a statue of him sitting on a sofa (bronze) in City Hall Park (and a statue of Nathan Hale moved to the front since and a Joseph Pulitzer marker near Greeley) I spent a month or two excavating human burials (delineating them more where they were, from the “First Almshouse” it’s thought) under the Horace Greeley statue which they cleaned up too that summer of 1999.

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