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The President and His General –

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The President and His General – Or other relationships. I was told by the Robert Gardiner, descendant of Julia Gardiner, married to former President Tyler, that she had had a vision and rode all night from Tidewater to Richmond to see her husband, in charge of Richmond, before she thought he would die. He was very mad she had, and the following day collapsed on the Hotel steps. Both sides, out of respect for the former First Lady, allowed her grieving entourage to pass back to New York, where her father had been the US Senator, who perished with others when the "Peacemaker" cannon, forged in NYC, exploded on the USS Princeton, passing and fired in salute to Washington’s Mount Vernon above the Potomac River. She is sometimes referred to as the prettiest, married at 19, after meeting widow President Tyler, fortunately below decks, when the large cannon exploded.


Jackie O: LBJ Had My Husband Killed – comment

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Television critic Marvin Kittman once had an article about a Marine who was in charge of test firing the rifle at the range used in the assassination of JFK. He stated the only way, as it was, that the rifle could have hit the President was by aiming at Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. The report was left out of the Warren Commission report because of the problem apparently with the sighting of the rifle as "evidence". A tampered state of the rifle could not be negated nor its untampered state corroborated or verified in other words, I think. However, Mr. Kittman had spoken to the US Marine. Mr. Kittman thought perhaps the story that Marina Oswald had become obsessed with Mrs. Kennedy and had driven Lee Oswald to distraction, she a former citizen of the USSR, where he had once tried to defect. Mrs. Kennedy, a former reporter, whose father cut the ribbon for the opening of the George Washington Bridge in New York, was however, probably in quite a state of shock. Or perhaps she meant as a symbol, "LBJ" as the center of the ideology of a periphery of plotters, not a direct connection, a "collective" symbol. I’m sure she, as a former reporter, would have wanted to get to the bottom of that, if true.  -  #47 Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:13 PM EDT Newsvine

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Meet the Bachmanns’ “Ex-Lesbian” Friend – Slate

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I just came back from there, near Norristown, PA. It’s next to Willow Grove where VP Biden’s wife is from. The NAVY has left the joint reserve services there and I was part of an archaeology survey for cultural resources required before it’s turned over in part of all (8000 ft. runway) to the local governmen. I could see how growing up there as a person of color might have been a problem, a religious area, or so it appears by the various religious orgaizations as “business” signs along the various highways, something can’t say I’ve see that much elsewhere. Very suburban about 20 miles from Philadelphia, it’s also becoming very large scale business centered. “Vertical Screen” 24/7 “background” checking “green” world headquarters opened on the “brownfield” site of former Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) there in Warminster, PA.

Meet the Bachmanns’ “Ex-Lesbian” Friend

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“Making Out with Eleanor Roosevelt”– Smart Ass Cripple

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On George Washington’s Birthday–yesterday Presidents’ Day

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Comment: Opinion: Was George Washington a Christian? –AOLnews

I recall George Washington’s diary is available to historians. The one section I’m familiar with, on his triumphal return and tour of Long Island after winning the war, is his observation of the Bald Hills of Long Island, which he referred to as a "mere trifling" but the diary seems to suggest he was always looking at the land for its "carrying capacity", i.e., its ability to support agriculture or manufacture. He’s quoted as saying, as another example, that he thought a dam at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, in todays Harpers Ferry, W.VA, might supply all the power needed for the manufacturing in the new republic. Various manufacturers were indeed there though lost to flood and civil war, though a dam never built there. He would be happy that a national Purple Heart Center is now in the former New Windsor Cantonment, a New York State Park, near Vail, NY. It is where he asked the troops to over-winter in case the then recently signed treaty was not honored. Many, I’m sure, wanted to leave, the fighting over. Many non-Christians had also been involved in the struggle and lost lives and livelihoods.

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Elizabeth Edwards Funeral To Be Picketed By Westboro Baptist Church

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There should be a law against it. Though certain rights are allowed under the US Constituti­on and the Bill of Rights, in my opinion, these assemblies at funerals should be regulated under a guarantee of the separation of “church and state” that is church matters not mixed into an affair of “state” and a funeral’s members have a reasonable expectatio­n of privacy.

Unfortunat­ely, when I check my AP and UPI handbook on libel, there is no law against saying anything libelous after a person is deceased, they state. Libel laws apply while a person is alive apparently­. After the Peter Zenger trial, it was found that the owner of the printing press cannot be held for what is printed by a press. Interestin­gly Peter Zenger arrived from the German Palatine to Governors Island, in the NYC harbor at the age of ten. A monument to him on Governors Island, is in the form of a molded “swivel gun” on a stone monument. A federal national monument to the “freedom of the press” is at St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site, Mount Vernon, NY, where a contested election on the green was held that led to Zenger’s incarcerat­ion and trial, personal freedom and “free press” precedent. The bell there was cast in the same foundry as the Liberty Bell. I’d hate to see this religious hate result in gunfire. Libel laws could be revised, but privacy should be enforced.
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Universal Studios Streets Of Fire – The Phoenix Project Pt II – Rebirth «

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Astounding! Breathless! A “piece of the action” and a new “Dick Tracy”? Maybe they could work in a Columbia University dissertation found in Gloria Swanson’s collection at the Harry Ransom Center, at The University of Texas at Austin: Raymond Witham Daum (archivist, Gloria Swanson Archives, 1980-1982) Dissertation (Columbia Univ.), 1976, “A Film Study of Some Aspects of Urban and Rural Communities of a Twentieth Century American Indian Group: The Mohawks of Caughnawaga and New York City” and 2″ Video, 1 item, “To Be an Indian” dedicated to Gloria Swanson, 55 min. How about “Under A Killing Moon”? or work in the “top offs” that native Mohawks in the past had when the steel work was finished on the skyscraper or other structure they work on. Looks ready for its closeup.

Robert Gardiner, a last direct descendant of the Gardiner’s Island Manor, the last intact one in North America, told me once that Gloria Swanson once told him she said it would take a “Vivian Leigh” to play his great-aunt’s story, First Lady Julia Gardiner Tyler, a very young bride of an “old” President, after her father, US Senator Gardiner, two Cabinet members and others perished after the “Peacemaker” exploded saluting George Washington’s Mount Vernon on the Potomac River on the USS Princeton, the modern one he served on in WWII. The “Peacemaker” was cast in an “English” forge, at least they affected that in their elaborate crest on their carriages he said, on the West-side of Manhattan, which was once archaeologically tested, for Donald Trump’s proposed “TV City” in a company I worked for. It was where the largest crankshaft single casting for an ocean going vessel’s engine was once made, and the first as a “freebie” if it proved viable, “out-ranging” most cannon of the time, as the British Navy once did in the bombardment of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812.

How about a film about “The Rose Of Long Island”? The “Siege of Richmond” actually stopped long enough, after former President Tyler, for the Confederacy, died in Richmond, Virginia, she had ridden all night having a vision of his passing on, and shooting on both sides stopped long enough for her entourage to cross lines out of respect for the death. She returned to New York City, where she later lived on Staten Island. She was also involved in a large lawsuit over a contested will, involving large properties in Manhattan, which became a law school question for Robert Gardiner he denied though it referred to his surname. Wills had not generally been contested before.

Sorry, I got carried away…Captain Kidd’s treasure was dug up by the British in the end of the 19th century from Gardiner’s Island, he according to one historian, “the most maligned character in history” as Captain Kidd had a map on his person when hung and it was before there was a USA, all criminals property is property of the Crown, Mr. Gardiner told me he had researched in England. I heard it was used, an India’s princess’s dowry, to build a seaman’s hospital and home in London, England on PBS.

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