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Matt Inman, The Oatmeal Creator, Works To Save Nikola Tesla’s Old Laboratory With Fundraiser

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08:31 AM on 08/17/2012

The museum would be in the former Peerless Photo, Inc. site which was contaminated and mitigated of photo-chemicals. I’m not sure the tower site was kept, the base was shown in the press to be bulldozed when so cleaned or was in the past. The building was designed by the famous architect, Stanford White, who lived not very far away, nearby Stony Brook having built there a “world’s tallest”(?) windmill. He was a victim of gun violence and a moment of insanity. You might think given the breadth of White’s influence, White House, Washington Square Arch, Municipal building, to name a few, that the Tesla lab would be preserved for that additional historical significance. And it’s nearby the Brookhaven National Laboratory!

Huffington Post Science


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08/18/2012 at 11:18 pm

Some Gay Rights Advocates Uneasy About Long Jail Time for Dharun Ravi –

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After the first WTC attack, bomb in a van in a parking garage, cameras went in all over downtown NYC, as an apparent "deterrent". Well, they’re still there and even more today than then. When the camera phone was introduced a large change in the everyday traffic and commerce also changed. People learn new tech and make mistakes with it too. Where were the cameras on the NYC landmark George Washington Bridge? Pointed at the traffic. It’s a long way, it seems to me, from Rutger’s University. Putting Ravi in long-term lockup won’t create legislation guaranteeing "privacy" an expectation we’re told not to have even in the Post Office replacement … e-mail. Terrible it was, but perhaps more to the motive.

Some Gay Rights Advocates Uneasy About Long Jail Time for Dharun Ravi –

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05/21/2012 at 9:07 pm

Opinionator: NY Times: The Disunion: Unconditional Surrender

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My grandfather, a US Merchant Mariner, served on the USS General Buckner, a P2 troop carrier. The ship was cut in half in NJ and lengthened to take a full complement of US Marines. Buckner Bay was the first US occupation of Japan. A training area at West Point Military Academy is also named after him I saw on an archeology survey after Hurricane Floyd hit, toppling trees. He used to joke they ran out of admirals’ names and had to start naming them after generals. NY Times link

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02/17/2012 at 4:47 pm

Alec Baldwin: "New York And Me" a comment

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Have you seen "King of the Ants"? Mr. Baldwin’s brother plays an unscrupulo­us developer in it. I worry about that in New York, as I work in its archaeolog­y on and off. I’m not sure how we’re going to get a "square deal". For example 9/11/01 was a primary day in NYC, and just before it, WABC, as I recall, invited the candidates for Mayor to appear on air to answer a panel of reporters’ questions. After the candidates responses each response, they considered "possible" with a check-mark or an X for "not possible" and probably a nice piece of political rhetoric. I recall it because of the crash in Queens, WTC debacle and that a large Johnson & Johnson wound research center was closed over an unknown powder in the mail in New Jersey where I was working, then on to Picatinney Arsenal and West Point Military Academy in archaeolog­ical testing as required by law and working away from NYC.

One of the candidates on the news special replied, this again was before the 9/11 election primary, that he would construct the low and middle-income housing promised in return for building the WTC and "demapping city streets" never allegedly built with the monies about to be received in the "windfall sale" of the World Trade Center by NYC and the NY/NJ Port Authority. His response was given a check-mark by ABC’s news panel. And no, Mr. Bloomberg was not there or in the sponsored radio debate.

One thing might be the suggested creation of one “Building Dept.” as once suggested by former NY State Senator Velella. As it is now there are various agencies spread out here and there with separate permitting procedures and “bottlenecks” obviously great places for graft and corruption. If we had one central organization, maybe the faked concrete testing on important projects around the city might never had happened and the former Senator not tempted into a served prison term. In that case a centralized process allows review and regulation. – added past the 250 word limit at Huffington Post.

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08/15/2011 at 12:15 am

Killing Jeff Davis – Civil War – The New York Times

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"Near this same spot, 57 years earlier, had occurred perhaps the most notorious episode of fratricidal bloodshed in American history." Killing Jeff Davis

I think much of the Burr-Hamilton rancor came out of the original Constitution as "framed", allowed the best man, that is with the most votes, the President and the runner-up, the Vice President, no matter what political party they had come from. It was amended. Oddly I was working in Tishomingo, Mississippi in 1979, and one of the researchers during the Bicentennial there found letters that Aaron Burr had been there along the Natchez Trace which led into the southern frontier before the widespread adoption of cotton. He had been also accused of treason, to have plotted to take a section of the country away from "We, the People" that I’ve read was a fabrication.

By the way its also reported that President Lincoln was at the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, NY to witness the firing of the R.P. Parrott patented rifled cannon, and watched a 200 pound projectile fired at the west shore of the Hudson River. Perhaps the memory of the tragedy of the NYC foundry cast "Peacemaker" explosion and deaths aboard the USS Princeton under President Tyler still fresh (Tyler was below deck with this tragedy brought future bride, Julia Gardiner, the perished NY Senator’s daughter) when the 300 pound shell was fired President Lincoln was moved away it was related. His funeral train would one day stop there.

Willow Grove, PA

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CO's HousePatrol Road, "Shenandoah Woods"Shovel testingBark carvingFawnFawn
Shovel testing.Old artifacts.Old artifacts.Rip-rapFlood controlStorm drains
Water drainFormer store.Building 121"Call Before You Dig"Orion DriveStorm drain
Water manifold.ValveFormer gate2011-06-27T18-49-32Surface finds.Dressed stone

Willow Grove, PA, a set on Flickr.

Interesting place in the course of human aerial and other events.

Via Flickr:
Part of a larger archaeology testing of the Naval Air Station Willow Grove, PA as the US Navy turns over some properties for other uses. Site of the development of the Pitcairn-Cierva Autogyro and successful airmail carriers before sale of field to the US by Harold Pitcairn. Research here also led to numerous developments in aviation and aerospace, i.e., in navigation, GPS. A rented Trimble GeoXH GPS with ESRI ArcPad for GIS integration and recording of tests and features was used.

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08/04/2011 at 4:57 pm

“Berlin to New York in less than One Hour”

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Science and Mechanics Nov 1931 cover“Berlin to New York in less than One Hour!” – In the November 1931 “Everyday Science and Mechanics” magazine published until 1984. Recent Wikimedia Commons scanned cover addition.

Interesting artistic rendition of the NYC harbor and the many wharves for ships. Governors Island looks a bit different too. Notice the three bridges: Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg, a great “birds-eye” view. I once made a map tracing the outlines of lower Manhattan as it “evolved” outward from various historic maps that showed the shorelines and once exhibited at “New York Unearthed” museum at 17 State Street, back in the early days of consumer digitizing tablets. One theory is that economic “recession” actually resulted in land-filling “expansion” as reported by a French observer who wrote that we had seemed to have solved the unemployment problem after the Revolutionary War, as upwards of 5,000 veterans worked in leveling and filling former domestic and military sites around the island. It appears to have started earlier, “slips” then filled, then many wharves, and as you can see in 1931, covering the entire harbor! Since 1971 the control of the shoreline is under the US Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction.

Is this where the band “Kinks” comes from? I imagine it’s a word we still use sometimes, though appears in different use then?

Listening to Hot Tuna “Steady as She Goes” Released April 4, 2011 on the Amazon Cloud Player.

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