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New Hampshire Emancipates 18th-Century Slaves

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New Hampshire Emancipates 18th-Century Slaves. A part of Portsmouth’s new African Burial Ground ceremony.

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06/07/2013 at 3:03 pm

Mass grave in London reveals how volcano caused global catastrophe

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Scientists search for the explosive source of a disaster that wiped out almost a third of Londoners in 1258

theguardian | The Observer

A more recent one caused the “18 hundred and froze to death” 1816 in the northeast US and I’ve read Northern Europe. “Mechanics” those then employed in shipbuilding in Setauket, NY (about 100?) had to wear their winter coats in July. Crops didn’t grow in “the year without summer” from the atmospheric dust from the volcano explosion in Indonesia, then too. I think “middlemen” ports like Baltimore, MD profited by shipping needed comestibles north. Not sure if however, there was such a large effect on the population as this dramatic archaeology research shows. US populations were quite lower. On Long Island, where it’s reported 10,000 cords of wood were cut for the War 1812, it might have had effect, a primary source of heat then, coal wouldn’t show up until 1840 or so, though early expeditions were organized as far back as the days of Oliver Cromwell in Huntington, NY to look for coal to fire brick.

Mass grave in London reveals how volcano caused global catastrophe

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08/05/2012 at 9:10 am

Yesterday informs today…

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Yesterday was "Archaeology Day" in the USA and Canada. It might point to a history such between us though coincidentally we were at war next year 200 years ago (cue up "1812 Overture") and the single defeat in a War of the US, probably due to our lack of supply lines, or the superior ones in then "Lower Canada" i.e. the Rideau Canal, the historical society of which I once bought a rose decorated chocolate pot while on archaeology survey of New York’s northern border through which flows mutual commerce upon our cooperative construction, the modern St. Lawrence Seaway, allowing ocean-going ships access to ports on the Great Lakes constructed in the late 1950s. One thing we agreed to I imagine is not allow the wars of Europe be fought out here in North America ever again. With that in mind and the recent Rupert Murdock "hacking" scandal I thought I might introduce a short piece of Sir Thomas Urquhart (1611 – c. 1660) prose for those reading this blog for some indication of intelligent matter left in my brain:

Sir Thomas on Scottish bankers

There hath been in London . . . for these many years together, a knot of Scottish bankers, collybists, or coin-coursers, of traffickers in merchandise to and again, and of men of other professions, who by hook and crook, fas et nefas, slight and might, all being as fish their net could catch, having feathered their nests to some purpose, look so idolatrously upon their Dagon of wealth, and so closely, like the earth’s dull centre, hug all unto themselves, that for no respect of virtue, honour, kindred, patriotism, or whatever else, be it never so recommendable, will they depart from so much as a single penny; . . . which churlish and tenacious humour hath made many . . . imagine their compatriots infected with the same leprosy of a wretched peevishness, whereof those quodomodocunquizing cluster fists and rapacious varlets have given of late such . . . proofs.

Extracts from the writings of Sir Thomas Urquhart

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10/23/2011 at 12:00 am

Wolfeboro, NH dockside July, 2011

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Tried adding two photos together with Fusion 2.0 (freeware on and the result looks better than the original. Program does HDR also. President George H. W. Bush once stopped here to disembark from the M.S. Mount Washington when he was Vice President under then President Ronald Reagan, who was going in for surgery on a health issue. He left in a Cadillac after asking for a moment of silence from the upper deck of the largest ship on the largest NH lake, Winnipesaukee (“Smile of the Great Spirit”) “discovered” by the Pilgrims at todays Weirs Beach.

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07/30/2011 at 11:01 am

Meet the Bachmanns’ “Ex-Lesbian” Friend – Slate

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I just came back from there, near Norristown, PA. It’s next to Willow Grove where VP Biden’s wife is from. The NAVY has left the joint reserve services there and I was part of an archaeology survey for cultural resources required before it’s turned over in part of all (8000 ft. runway) to the local governmen. I could see how growing up there as a person of color might have been a problem, a religious area, or so it appears by the various religious orgaizations as “business” signs along the various highways, something can’t say I’ve see that much elsewhere. Very suburban about 20 miles from Philadelphia, it’s also becoming very large scale business centered. “Vertical Screen” 24/7 “background” checking “green” world headquarters opened on the “brownfield” site of former Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) there in Warminster, PA.

Meet the Bachmanns’ “Ex-Lesbian” Friend

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07/22/2011 at 8:29 am

Neglected and rusting deep below Grand Central station, the armoured train that helped heroic Roosevelt keep his polio secret – UK’s Mail Online

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My aunt’s husband was a clerk (or "clark" as you say) in FDR’s law office before all the politics. I had an uncle with polio who worked in the Hall of Records (today’s beaux-arts Surrogate Court on Chambers St.) with my grandfather, a real estate reporter, who sometimes kept his family of eleven children going knowing where the new coal contracts might be. My uncle in a wheelchair unfortunately perished there in an elevator (or "lift" as you say) accident during WWII, his five other brothers served in it. Was told FDR was instrumental in getting the famous lawyer for the handicapped, Basil O’Connor, on his behalf and awarded $5000, a lot of money in those days for his death.

The other-side of my family come from Grand Manan Island not far from Campobello, where its thought FDR contracted polio. Well I thought I’d report, as reported the other day, it was to a Boy Scout camp at Hessian Lake, in today’s Bear Mountain State Park, nearby NYC that he was sick from, no worries.

Excellent coverage and photos here.

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02/19/2011 at 3:56 pm

NY agency focusing more on aging bridges – WSJ – 12/7/10

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Comments: The Tappan Zee Bridge was not designed for the interstate traffic it receives daily. It was a NY State “thruway” and a toll road, that was not anticipated to carry as much as it does now. Today it links many resources. Other projects have perhaps been held up by it, i.e. a nearby truck-to-train transfer for produce, would have then again transferred in the South Bronx off the rail-cars to special trucks that would fit under every overpass in NYC, lowering produce costs by at least 5% once so-called Oak Point Link, 30 years ago. It was thought to eliminate a lot of truck traffic into and around the city by limiting unloading to the Tappan Zee area for special containers on trains shifted to special, smaller trucks.

“New York ranks 46th among the 50 states in the amount of greenhouse gases generated per person. This efficiency is primarily due to the state’s higher rate of mass transit use.” – Wikipedia

Can Investors Help Replace the Tappan Zee? – Metropolis – Wall Street Journal

One of the comic book blogs has the “cartography” of maps of that medium as a focus. One of the “panels” had the location of the fictional cities of “Gotham” and “Metropolis” both opposite on the Delaware Bay between Delaware and New Jersey down near Cape May Point, NJ and strategically close to the cities of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA and New York, NY.

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01/14/2011 at 2:01 pm

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