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Second, and Third, Thoughts Over Killing of Prospect Park Geese

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Prospect Park started after the Quaker burial ground was moved from near the corner of Houston and Bowery, Methodists from nearby moved elsewhere. I’ve read that there may be different types of Canada geese, some fly in the Great Atlantic Flyway, impossible to remove and those that live here in NYC. Kill every bird in North and South America and you may eliminate the threat of ospreys, for example, returning to the NY/CT/MA from northern Brazil, they almost were by DDT, not geese. John James Audubon, a NYC resident, was the first to tag birds and show they returned, why hasn’t some better science prevailed over this outright misdirected culling in our behalf? From my observation, they come from A2A (Algonquin to Adirondack area) and would testify as seen from the Fort Drum, NY. Perhaps they were sent here by development policy. From there Audubon was helped by Charles Lucien Bonaparte. No culling without science. NY Times City Room


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07/18/2010 at 8:29 pm

Controversial Spec-Ops Tiltrotor Crashes in Afghanistan | Danger Room |

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Saw a “flock” of these on the airfield at Quantico, VA 3 years ago, working in archeology, off the Iwo Jima Trail, just before they left for Iraq. Terribly, then, 33 students were killed. Didn’t know that they were also headed for Afghanistan. “Marine 1″ leaves and is serviced from there, Maryland owns the Potomac River, an island there, John Lennon considered buying.

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I’ve seen a design scenario where these are replaced with four rotors and carry more troops, than, say Chinooks. Reportedly a more stable design with more advanced electronic “fly-by-wire” and computers.

Read More Controversial Spec-Ops Tiltrotor Crashes in Afghanistan | Danger Room |

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04/14/2010 at 9:38 pm

Re: Sunday Roundup

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I recall with horror, working on the archaeology testing of the woodlands next to the Iwo Jima Trail at the US Marine Corps College at Quantico, VA, the massacre of 32 students at Virginia Tech while there, now three years ago, the shooter took his own life. I don’t think he thought of the “death penalty” as something that deterred him. In New York City, it was thought that perhaps his parents, in the dry cleaning business, had inadvertently, using a cleaning agent now banned by law and the EPA, had exposed him to too many cleaning vapors.

By the way, Iwo Jima Trail (from Iwo To), is in an area once occupied by the Confederates in an attempt to control the Potomac River below Washington in the Civil War, semi-subterranean circular shelters running up and down ridge-lines under the old large tree canopy. They decided to raise the radar rather than cut down the trees I heard.
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Goose Roundup, Day 3 – NY Times

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41. Back in 1983 I was working for the relocation of the US Army 10th Mountain Division from Camp Hale, CO to Fort Drum, NY in the archaeology tests that by state and federal law precede development. Way off in the distance was a huge almost dark thin cloud of geese. I was astounded, as if some major part of the natural world had been modified. However, I don’t live there in Algonquin to Adirondacks Conservation Association’s area. However I’ve noticed Canadian geese in the tri-state area since. Never heard of an airplane problem with them. Maybe it’s true they were the migrating geese in one of the Eastern Seaboard’ “flyways” where great numbers of birds migrate. The “local” osprey, nests here, returning after DDT control, and flies to Long Island from the northern coast of Brazil. Round the geese up and take them somewhere if they must. How about Fort Drum?

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06/18/2009 at 6:02 pm

New seal on the wall…

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Years ago I met Leon Shenandoah who was the “ta-dah-deh-ho” “chief of chiefs” of the Iroquois and had a cup of sassafras tea at archaeologist Joel Grossman’s loft in Manhattan, his grand-daughter the now famous Native singer. Maybe he was. She said his name also meant “head full of snakes” which maybe how the term “Iroquois” got started…derogatory French…the Algonquins once called them “real adders”. I think that wasn’t the Shinnecock also Algonquian, whose seal they put up with the seals of the seven incorporated villages on the Southampton Town wall the other day.

Later, I think a new “chief of chiefs” was Oren Lyons who spoke at a Syracuse U. commencement. I met him too once outside Grossman’s office on 16th St. and Third Ave., he was on his way to testify at the United Nation’s commission on the rights of indigenous peoples.

“Fat Tuesdays” across the street is where Les Paul used to play and they had this moving hologram of Dizzy Gillespie, as you walked by he would lower his trademark horn and smile as you looked back. Never seen a hologram again quite like it. Scheffel Hall it was once called and the author O. Henry (from the demolished Ohio Penitentiary…they think in Austin, Texas) William Sydney Porter used to frequent and write.

The Secret in the Cellar, is a Webcomic based on an authentic forensic case of a recently discovered 17th Century body. Using graphics, photos, and online activities, the Webcomic unravels a mystery of historical, and scientific importance. – Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


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The Osprey’s Latest Test: Combat, Marines’ Helicopter-Plane Hybrid With A Troubled Past Begins Missions In Iraq – CBS News

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It might be considered the Marines “Bradley” that the Army started acquiring in the 1980s, I was part of the archaeology survey of Fort Drum, NY for the new cantonment of the 10th Mountain Division there. I recall a problem is that infantry stands behind tanks, and to force them out in front is very dangerous. The Bradley went out front and “armed to the teeth” could do what no troop could do including knocking out tanks. The Osprey, which I recently saw on the runway at Quantico on another survey, off the Iwo Jima Trail, is advertised as a special deployment, the ad I saw, hovering in an urban area with soldiers rappelling down from it by “rope” like the Army does sometime from buildings in nearby Watertown, NY.

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12/09/2007 at 6:44 pm

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