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Matt Inman, The Oatmeal Creator, Works To Save Nikola Tesla’s Old Laboratory With Fundraiser

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08:31 AM on 08/17/2012

The museum would be in the former Peerless Photo, Inc. site which was contaminated and mitigated of photo-chemicals. I’m not sure the tower site was kept, the base was shown in the press to be bulldozed when so cleaned or was in the past. The building was designed by the famous architect, Stanford White, who lived not very far away, nearby Stony Brook having built there a “world’s tallest”(?) windmill. He was a victim of gun violence and a moment of insanity. You might think given the breadth of White’s influence, White House, Washington Square Arch, Municipal building, to name a few, that the Tesla lab would be preserved for that additional historical significance. And it’s nearby the Brookhaven National Laboratory!

Huffington Post Science


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08/18/2012 at 11:18 pm

Why You Should Read This Book – Economist – Marilyn Monroe?

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At “Dangerous Minds” awhile ago, is a link in China to the film version with Milo O’Shea as Leopold Bloom, Ulysses (1967). In one scene, he has a dream, and as Mayor of Dublin, gives the “Vulcan salute” (from the Hebrew ceremony also used by “Spock” Leonard Nimoy in the Star Trek franchise, to say LLAP “Live long and prosper”). It helped re-explain the novel, having seen a number of stage productions (2) of “Ulysses in Night Town” after attempting a too young an age to read it. “Portrait of an artist, as an Old Man” (“Catch-22” author Joseph Heller’s last novel) and various other combinations of that James Joyce work, beg to differ with a selective criticism of the novel mistakenly published as of the work of Matisse about Homer (New York, 1935). Economist

Frickin’ laser beams may have located the lost city of gold

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What other lost treasures would you like to find with lasers? MSN now

Safe ports…dawn and dusk vision…”gated” lasers just might in development. Dark NEO’s full of minerals (Near Earth Orbit). Moon distance already being measured with them. “Laser propulsion” near the speed of light. We measure it to record properties, build roads, etc., infrared (visible lasers for tunnels) “tacheometers” or “total stations” are now under $4000. Very accurate.

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06/09/2012 at 5:56 pm

NY Times: Opinionator: Why Shiloh Matters

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My grand-dad Lawrence Urquhart served on the S.S. Beauregard which I recall was on the Lend-Lease "Murmansk run" convoy to aid Russia when his brother, as captain of the S.S. City of Atlanta, was lost with 40+ crew and passengers on the way from NYC to Savannah, Georgia, sunk by U-123 in "Operation Drumbeat". I once, working on the archeology of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Barge Canal, had the opportunity to visit nearby Shiloh from MS. I have also worked in the Cold Spring, NY periphery of the West Point Foundry and would like to point out that the "cannonballs" atop the rifled R.P. Parrott vertical cannon in the tribute to "Col. Everett Peabody" were never actually part of the cannon. It fired a shell with a brass "sabot" or foot to impart the twist of the barrel "rifling" and contained incendiary, perhaps, as used in the "Swamp Angel" bombardment of Charleston, South Carolina, also noted in poem, one by Herman Melville. Perhaps added later, and not actually used in the battle. I’ve also read that the origin of American "protest folk music" in music history began with this horrendous battle. Comment submitted: “Why Shiloh Matters” – Winston Groom, April 6. 2012

Photographers revisit 9/11; ‘It was that horrific’ – msnbc

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George Myers-150923

"Chuck" Scarborough of WNBC in NYC said a day or two before the 9/11 ceremony, that instead of a day of remembrance perhaps it should remain a day of "infamy". It makes sense to apply it so, though I think it also requires we remember that there may be other information we need to know. In regards to the attack on Pearl Harbor the honorable Senator from Arkansas, Hattie Ophelia Wyatt Caraway, thought too "gut reaction", decided not to vote for the declaration of war after the attack, so stating in her speech, which required some research and "archaeology" to retrieve in the late 1980s. I looked at a researcher’s work at The Mainichi Daily News, the Japanese press, him or her, not Japanese, who was surprised how little research was done by both countries in regards to the time immediately preceding that WWII "infamy". In that research a translation of a "declaration of war" was never transcribed as the Japanese transcribers were at a funeral "outside the beltway" on an unusually warm December day and the pastor’s eulogy went on for over two hours, the research asserts. I imagine therefore some other history might have occurred, long story short. In any case, we need better language translations, I’m given to understand we still have less than the digits on our hands for Arabic in the FBI.

– Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:57 AM EDT

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09/13/2011 at 3:57 pm

Ronson Ship

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Updates: 8/4/2011 Second Piece of Historic Ship Discovered at WTC Site Good coverage w/ slideshow

8/7/11 update: It was the late 1970s, with Ed Johanneman, MA I visited to look at a reported ship in the excavations for the foundation of WTC Building #3. We were told we couldn’t, I’m not clear the reason (blasting?). It was reported there was one in one of the WTC tower excavations, 6 in the AT+T building and one is actually visible in the basement of one of the buildings in the South Street Seaport now Historic District once to be the site of the World Trade Center. Mr. Asadorian of the Queens Public Library was an avid avocation list for NYC archaeology, and the source.

Originally ~ 7/31/11

‎”Secrets of New York” will air some my YouTube “Ronson Ship” August 9 in “Waterfront” then at NYC VOD – Twitter

Certainly. I feel a little odd since I was in charge at some point of photographing parts of the ship and the other coverage went lacking on my part, so I just as you see, have a few photos I’ve scanned. Another source would be Warren Reiss who with Sheli O. Smith ran the Ronson Ship excavation. You see him in one of the photos inside the ship hulk photos I ‘d taken. He recently was a consultant on the WTC ship found in the excavations of the new building after the 9/11 WTC debacle.

Another source of images might be the Odyssey, Inc. ship and “treasure” salvors who paid the crew of archaeologists working on emptying out the Ronson Ship $0.25 to be in their filming. They had rented a motorized scaffold and took what I imagine to be some wonderful overhead photos and film of the effort, in the later stages, where what was once thought a buried wharf, a ship hulk used in the island filling.

Anything you might do to credit me would be fine, and of course I would look forward to seeing anything in regards to it. Canary Wharf in London was having a “similar” event, “Save the Viking wharf” in the development there as I recall. The construction project came in ahead of schedule, working as we were in winter until the first week of March in one of the last remaining parking lots now a very large office building with an extra floor, bending the zoning laws a bit in return for the archaeology, I have read in the press.

And in closing, I love your shows.

The “Waterfront” episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, August 9th at 8:30pm on NYC Life.  Below are the channel listings according to cable providers:

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Wolfeboro, NH dockside July, 2011

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Tried adding two photos together with Fusion 2.0 (freeware on and the result looks better than the original. Program does HDR also. President George H. W. Bush once stopped here to disembark from the M.S. Mount Washington when he was Vice President under then President Ronald Reagan, who was going in for surgery on a health issue. He left in a Cadillac after asking for a moment of silence from the upper deck of the largest ship on the largest NH lake, Winnipesaukee (“Smile of the Great Spirit”) “discovered” by the Pilgrims at todays Weirs Beach.

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