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Geopolitical arguments are better than conflicts

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Geopolitical arguments are better than conflicts. I work in archaeology and have seen base expansion, Fort Drum, NY to 7000 US Army 10th Mountain and support, formally from Camp Hale, CO, and have seen others “close” for example the US Navy leave and the US Air Guard is still there, what was in WWII, Warminster, now parkland, and Willow Grove Naval Air Station, now Horsham Air Guard. Next door a great aviation museum. It’s where autogyros and the first US Mail planes were built and many others. In terms of public safety, a good idea, according to my Snapple cap, 40% of the US population lives a 1 hour drive from Philadelphia, PA and those other areas, with jets, as close. When I think of the contrast of 1983 Army and today’s, I would gladly see more “forensic accounting” than forensics as our forces have modernized. That I think is what former US President, Columbia University president, and former US General Eisenhower meant of the then newly formed “military-industrial complex”. Future military base-closures inevitable Panetta warns


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08/09/2012 at 9:01 am

Governors Island Jazz – Huffington Post

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Governors Island Homes To Be Burnt Down By FDNY For Training

01:11 PM on 07/02/2012

One proposal I saw online, which had many important people in the arts and theater as backers, was to use (but preserve) Castle Williams as a Shakespeare theater-in-the-round, akin to some he was “played” in and not unlike the “Globe” Sam Wanamaker, a once black-listed actor, helped create in London. Castle Clinton is used for concerts across the way in Manhattan, both created to form a crossfire. The “last” Coast Guard’s groundskeeper once told me, that Walt Disney, missing the boat to Governors Island, Disney was once held AWOL in Castle Williams. Maybe they’d help with some of the $! It’s also where then President Ronald Reagan last met then President Mikhail Gorbachev. Plans to the D-Day invasion were also kept in a safe on Governors Island I was told by the “last” ferry captain, before the City ownership, started as $1 sale challenge from then President William Clinton.

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07/08/2012 at 1:19 pm

Memory Motel

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Dear Rolling Stones fans,
We’re gearing up to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary with a lot of exciting plans, and we’d appreciate your help with some of them.

Don’t have an image but an article was written in a compendium of essays, one by Leslie Fielder about “Altamont” back in 1974 or so in a Wesleyan University Press book. I had the pleasure of presenting it, but not having seen the film, in a “Seminar in the Arts” by Esther Schwartz at the newly opening Amherst Campus part of the Buffalo University in NY, just before you chaps went on tour and showed up.

Leslie Fielder was in the class, the point of the class to have a different artist from the Buffalo, NY area appear every week and discuss with the class their careers in the Arts. In “Residential Education” the class would assemble in a lounge, at the time, in a new residence hall built by I.M. Pei the Chinese-American architect, whose later new wing addition to the US National Gallery I had the pleasure to visit while excavating at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD, for the National Parks, where the “rockets red glare” and parachute flares illuminated the fort. A 10″ shell is reported to never have exploded outside the “bombproof” the officers latrine was attached to, “a two-seater” brick kidney, in a nice right triangle.

I missed the Buffalo concerts. I think it helped bring the place around a bit. I did enjoy the one concert in Madison Square Garden which I believe opened by Stevie Wonder, and looking at your gig records, Jimi Hendrix was visiting back stage. Check out the BBC recordings of Wonder on drums(?) and Hendrix on guitar(?) if you haven’t, I once heard on a jazz station up around Harriman, NY.

A “Between the Buttons” fan.

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03/28/2012 at 12:48 pm

Can Alec Baldwin Crash a Plane With a Cell Phone?

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Ah mathematic­s, which says there is a possibilit­y I push a book off a desk it could fall upward, though the probabilit­y is very small. I thought Mr. Baldwin was still at the American Airlines gate with the other passengers and thought they weren’t going anywhere he could get a few words in. The IPO came a few days later (initial public offering) for the word game. I was told a small notebook computer, the HX-20 by Epson was told to be turned off in a flight to Belem, Brazil years ago in the 1980s by a coworker preventing interferen­ce. They also had to sign that they weren’t part of some some secret prospectio­n, working for the archaeolog­ist Anna Roosevelt, PhD, on Marajo Island, the largest fresh water island in the world, in the mouth of the Amazon. Someone reading this know if they were still at the gate? Their company faces many lay-offs which may have contribute­d to the situation? Huffington Post

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02/09/2012 at 3:20 am

Why Post50 Women Will Lead the "Occupy ERA" Movement

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Many years ago in an anthropology course we were discussing things that are universal, among people and cultures. The only one that perhaps is universal is the "nfa" or "need for achievement". I would think that this need is thwarted when inequalities are seen and described everyday. It might be in the better interest of both gender and society that in "theory" at least we guarantee that achievement is not being thwarted based on sex. Both men and women need it and discrimination is harmful to both, and why an ERA should be passed.  Huffington Post

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…Ambivalence Over NYPD Muslim Surveillance

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7 hours ago (5:14 PM)

I watched the testimony of members of Islam to the NYC Council of Public Safety the other morning. They were without passports, that is, born here in Brooklyn mostly. They were concerned that the informants the police using were unreliable, i.e. one they know of, their houses of worship are open to everyone, had been in and out of mental hospitals. They wanted to be contacted, their organizations would cooperate and did not like reports of informants inflaming others. They also cited incidents of cab drivers being asked about their origin and where they worshiped, not your usual traffic stop. There seemed to me a need for more cooperation with those who are here. Worldwide mass communication was cited for some of the fears on behalf of Public Safety. There should be some community review process if there is none, in my opinion. Huffington Post link

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11/14/2011 at 12:09 am

Comment: WNYC Here’s the thing…Alec Baldwin

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George Myers from The Bronx, NY

I might add we had a Mayor of New York City from Long Island, from now Deepwell Farm Historic Park, St. James, NY ( which last time I stopped at, belonged to Suffolk County and had "dinner theater" events there. Many prehistoric artifacts collected by archaeologist Edward Johanneman, MA, while at nearby Stony Brook University, are stored there. I enjoyed this podcast. I think former President R.R. started his campaign in Upstate NY. Once along the highway, HHH passing by in a convertible, said "Thank you boys" outside MacArthur Airport, running then. Later the re-election campaign of former President Nixon’s crew had all the protesters there moved behind the grandstand "out-of-sight".

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11/09/2011 at 10:43 am

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